Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Fear University by Meg Collett

Fear University
Author: Meg Collett
Publication Date: November 9, 2015


I almost didn't pick this book up because of the title. It sounded cheesy and I worried the entire novel would have that tone. To my surprise and delight, this book was anything but cheesy! It was gritty, downright scary at times, and overall dark. It reminded me a bit of the TV shows Supernatural (with the whole hunting monsters thing) and Jessica Jones.

Ollie definitely had that Jessica Jones, self-sufficient, I'm a badass vibe. Ollie can't feel pain which makes her instantly invaluable in the war against the aswangs, a creature from Filipino folklore that can make you feel pain and terror. After being attacked Ollie comes to Fear University and it is there that she finds out about the war between the hunters and aswangs and perhaps the role she can play in it.

My favorite thing about this book was the never-ending action! This book is just a fun read. There is constantly something going on in the plot and there are a lot of threads to unravel in this world and the story. There are also enough side characters that it doesn't feel like the main characters are doing all the work carrying the plot.

I liked the relationship between Luke and Ollie as well. Their chemistry sizzled and I really wanted these two broken characters to make it work! This is a multi-book series though so, of course, we'll have to wait to see if these two can make it through everything the author has in store for them.

Overall, this was a great read! This book is my first introduction to Meg Collett but it definitely won't be the last book I read by this author.


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