Monday, February 26, 2018

Mercury Rising by Scarlett Kol Blog Tour & Giveaway

Mercury Rises
Author: Scarlett Kol
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Publication Date: February 13, 2018
A girl looking for a way out.
Being the daughter of New America’s leader, Mercury Masters has everything a girl could want. A glamorous life full of beautiful people, and the power to have anything she wants, except for one thing—to escape. Because Mercury’s perfect life comes with secrets to keep. Dangerous secrets that if made public would destroy her, her family, and her father’s reign. Then she meets Hawk.
A boy looking to be a hero.
Hawk, a handsome prep school dropout turned vigilante, has his own family secrets. Deadly secrets that have haunted him since he was fifteen. But instead of fighting the ghosts of his past, Hawk has assembled a group of misfit hackers and thieves to save the future from the corrupt government of New America and the mysterious virus that is killing off its citizens. But trying to do the right thing is tough when the person you really want to save is your enemy’s daughter.
A love that could kill them both.
Powerful forces keep them apart, but coming together could be the key to saving New America from destruction—even though it may cost both their lives.
A near-future YA biopunk retelling of Robin Hood.

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Guest Post
Thanks for much for having me by the blog today and letting me share my dream cast. I’ve always loved thinking of who would play my favorite book characters in a movie and getting to cast my own is likely one of the coolest things I’ve done as an author. Mercury Rises is a retelling of Robin Hood, so there were already some character archetypes I had working against me, but I think you’ll like who I picked. However, I also want to hear your picks for characters, so if you do a dream cast for Mercury Rises, definitely send me a link. I would love to see it!

Alright, here goes:
Mercury Masters – Katherine Langford:  Katherine seems to be the “it” girl around YA these days (13 Reasons Why & Love, Simon) and for good reason. She has a wide-eyed innocence about her, but you can tell that she would definitely throw down if she needed to. Mercury is my Maid Marian--part princess and part kick-ass--and I think Katherine would be able to play all of those parts and still be believable in the more…well…kissy scenes. Plus, just picture some bold red lipstick on those lips!!

Corbin “Hawk” Locksley – KJ Apa – Hawk needs to be fit, kind, charismatic, and definitely swoonable. Enter Riverdale’s Archie. Of course, he will need to get that pesky orange-red dye out of his hair, but I’m sure anyone out there would want KJ beside them in a fight or watching over them as their hero. Plus, him and Katherine would look smashing together!

Christophe Royce – Jeremy Irvine – As the intern for Vincent Masters and the Sheriff in my Robin Hood story, Christophe needs to be able to pull of the refinement of an up and coming politico, but still be Mercury’s boy next door. Jeremy Irvine can definitely rock a suit as seen in the numerous red carpet photos on the internet (go ahead and Google him, I’ll wait), and after his latest stint as Daniel Grigori in the Fallen movie, we know he can be the heartfelt romantic as well.

Ratchett – Timothee Chalamet – For the genius hacker Little John, I picked the brilliant Timothee. I’ve recently seen him in LadyBird and he was wonderful. He looks exactly how I picture Ratchett in my head, but definitely has a look that says that there is more to him than what it seems.

Red – Sabrina Carpenter – She’d need to borrow some of that hair dye from KJ Apa’s Archie Andrews (but a much bolder shade) to pull of the notorious Red (Will Scarlet), but otherwise I think Sabrina Carpenter is the perfect fit. She’s seems like a firecracker that could bring Red’s brash sarcasm to a whole new level of nasty, and I love it.

Tucker – BooBoo Stewart – For the fun-loving motor-mouthed Tucker (Friar Tuck), I picked the wonderful BooBoo Stewart. You can’t see it in this photo, but he has a fantastic smile that draws you in, just like Tucker. He’s charming, funny, and looks like he would be super fun to be around.

Giselle and Vincent Masters – Jennifer Aniston and David Boreanaz – Mercury’s parents were tough to figure out, but for the impossibly elegant yet icy Giselle Masters I picked Jennifer Aniston. She never seems to age and can pull out that mean girl when she needs to. As for the infamous Vincent, I went with David Boreanaz. He’s handsome and charming, but can have a dark side. Most people know David from Bones or maybe Seal Team, but to me he will always be Angel, and if anyone ever watched the season of Buffy where Angel lost his soul, you’ll definitely agree with my pick.

 Kendall Drake – Chloe Grace Moretz – Mercury’s best friend is a bit part for the incredibly talented Chloe, but maybe I just want her in my movie. Is that too much to ask?

Scarlett Kol grew up in Northern Manitoba reading books and writing stories about creatures that make you want to sleep with the lights on. As an adult, she's still a little afraid of the dark. Scarlett now lives just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her husband and two boys, but if you need to find her she's likely freezing at the hockey rink.