Monday, January 19, 2015

Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham

Mr. Kiss and Tell 
Series: Veronica Mars #2
Author: Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date:
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The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, the last Veronica Mars book, fell flat. The plot didn’t feel as well thought out as the show and the characters felt like caricatures of themselves. Luckily, in this novel Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham examined what was working and what wasn’t and made a great novel with Mr. Kiss and Tell.

This story follows a very traditional Veronica Mars path. Veronica becomes involved in a rape investigation that happens at the Neptune Grand. It should be a fairly easy solve but the victims memory is fuzzy, the attack happened months ago, and the hotel is being shady. All of these convoluted facts made the mystery all the more interesting and hard to solve.

In this novel the characters really come in to their own. Their voices felt natural and the storyline was something Veronica would champion and get involved in. I also appreciated that the writers wove in plotlines and characters from the TV show. It made it feel like I was watching an episode rather then reading a novel.

In this story we got to see more of Veronica and Logan together. These two have had to work for everything between them and while I wished it were easy for them it wouldn’t be Veronica and Logan if it was.

Overall, Mr. Kiss and Tell totally redeemed the Veronica Mars books for me. I loved the mystery and the classic Veronica Mars detective work involved in solving it. I look forward to hopefully reading more of them!

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  1. I have seen a lot of positive things about this book and the previous one, but then again the covers really don't impress me, and usually that is a turn off in my case. But thanks for the review!

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