Friday, May 16, 2014

Discussion: Bookshelves

One of my favorite things about Tumblr is that my dash is constantly filled with pictures of gorgeous bookshelves. Today for bookish discussions I wanted to show off some of my favorite kinds of bookshelves: The pretty kind, the stuffed kind, and the dream kind. 

The Pretty Kind
I have a love affair with corner bookshelves and always swoon when I see built ins! The only thing wrong with this picture is the intense amount of green.

I really like this idea although I would need a LOT of pipes to hold all my books

I love reading nooks and this one is just looks so cozy
The Stuffed/Practical Kind
I like that the bookshelves stretch along two walls. I have a feeling this room might make me a little claustrophobic though 

I wish my bookshelves were half this organized!

I would love to have a wall of books some day! Lovely!
Bookshelf Dreams
I never thought to install bookshelves like a library or bookstore in my house but now that I've seen this I want it so bad!

The juxtaposition of the old and new is so perfect. I just want to curl up and live in this picture.

My secret dream is to own a bookshelf with a ladder this build in takes it to the next level!

Bonus Picture: 

I'm fairly certain this J.Crew photo sums up what me moving looks like right now. Except my books are in waterproof boxes and I'm wearing old T-shirts. So actually me moving looks nothing like this. 

What are you favorite kinds or what do your bookshelves look like? Leave links to your bookshelf or your dream bookcase in the comments!

*All photos were found on Tumblr


  1. You're right! That first shelf---that person must really LOVE green! :D Gorgeous shelves though. I absolutely love the third one, the little nook. So perfect. And I've always wanted a ladder for my shelves, too, so I can glide along them like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face LOL.

  2. The pipes one is so gorgeous but you're right, we're going to need a LOT more pipes for that.

  3. Bookshelf porn! I love the built ins too, but really, why did they think it needed to be green??? I love the one with the marble looking ceiling. Very pretty. I want to curl up in that one too.

  4. Gah! I know right? I think no matter how great my bookshelves are already, I would still be jealous of other's bookshelves!

    Thanks for sharing!