Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Sublime

Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Expected Publication: 2014

Sublime is the story of two teens, Lucy and Colin, who fall in love, but the the problem is … Lucy's a ghost.

Slowly, she begins to remember more about her life and death as daredevil Colin takes himself to the edge of death where their realities overlap so he can be physically closer to Lucy.
Lucy starts to wonder if she's Colin's salvation or the means of his demise.
My Thoughts: I don't usually care for ghost stories but this one sounds pretty interesting. I love the girl on the cover. The guy, not so much, but the eerie ghost is awesome!


  1. I like ghost books but they usually end up heart breaking unless there is a magical HEA where the ghost becomes alive again which I'm all for LOL The cover is nifty! Love it!

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  3. Most gorgeous cover ever! I like ghost stories...not sure if this one is my scene, Christian might be too much of a daredevil for me. =p

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  4. Ooh yes! It's been a while since I've read a ghost story. The cover for this is amazing! Awesome pick. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I agree the cover is fantastic! And I LOVE ghost stories so this is a win for me! Thanks for sharing this :)

  6. Umm, that cover is to-die-for. Story sounds good, too, and if Simon & Schuster picked it up, it has to be pretty decent. Consider it added to my TBR!


  7. Also, liked what I read here so much that I posted about it myself--referenced and linked back to you, though. :) Just wanted to let you know!

    Thanks again for your WoW! :)

  8. YES! I love the sound of this one. I also, really love the cover! :)