Monday, January 27, 2014

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Author: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: January 28, 2014
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Davy has the perfect life. She attends a private school, lives in the right neighborhood, has the perfect boyfriend, and is a music prodigy. When she tests positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome (HTS) she is ‘Uninvited’ from her school, loses all of her friends, and is forced to attend public school in the wrong neighborhood. Life gets hard for Davy quick.

In college I majored in criminology. Then I went to law school and also focused a lot on crime. So, I kind of have a lot of experience with the subject matter in Uninvited. I think that is what stopped me from loving this story. Despite trying, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief about HTS; and the multitude of constitutional violations present throughout Uninvited.

It didn’t help either that the world building in this dystopian story was almost non-existent. How the HTS test was developed, or how the United States first began segregating the infected isn’t discussed. Mexico is mentioned and it seemed that they weren’t having the problems the United States was. In fact, Mexico closed their US borders. But a reason is never given for why the US is having such problems but Mexico isn’t experiencing a similar criminal influx.

Davy wasn’t a bad heroine, she was a little naive but that comes from her sheltered upbringing and lifestyle. At times I did feel like shaking her because some of her realizations throughout the story were obvious and she should have figured things out much earlier. She was supposedly a very smart girl, but her actions were kind of dumb.

I also wasn’t too keen on her relationship with Sean, a fellow HTS carrier. Sean had that brooding, stay away from me, air. This quickly shifted to him wanting to protect Davy. Davy was drawn to Sean despite his outward appearance and HTS carrier status. The romance was never really believable. I wish more time had been invested on showing why these two were a good match. Did they have common interests? It felt like the only reason they liked each other was because of HTS.

Overall, Uninvited wasn’t really my thing. I thought I was going to love it because of my connection to the subject matter, but the lack of world building and lackluster romance stopped me from enjoying this story. 


  1. So bummed that you didn't like this one Emily. I enjoyed it. Yes there were some issues that I had but overall, I thought it was a great read.

    I hope your next read is better for you.

  2. I wrestled for a long time between 2 or 3 stars because you're right, despite all of my problems with the plot the reading experience wasn't a bad one. I was entertained. I just couldn't overcome all my small problems to give Uninvited a higher rating.

  3. The premise sounds good so it's a shame that the world building didn't live up to the idea.

  4. I liked this one more than you, but I agree -- it required serious suspension of disbelief. It can be hard to enjoy a story if you are filled with questions!

  5. Hmmm...lack of world-building and lackluster romance, that doesn't sound good. I still love the premise so I'm still planning on reading it, but my expectations are definitely lowered. By the way, I went to law school too! Sometimes it does make me more critical about stuff like this, so we'll see. Thanks for the honest review! ~Pam

  6. That really sucks you weren't that into this book. I am really looking forward to reading it.

    Great review. Have a great week! =)

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