Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 10 Bookish Goals for the New Year

1 Write reviews after I finish the book not weeks later
I have a terrible habit of reading books, rating them, scheduling the date the review will be posted, and then just not writing the review until I HAVE to. No more of this!

2 Read more sequels and series finales
I actually have a discussion post about this coming up. I am terrible about keeping up with series, sequels, etc. I would really like to finish or continue some of the series I loved in 2013.

3 Get to 80% on Goodreads
I decided to host the Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge to reach that elusive 80% and I would love to get there in 2014.

4 Interact more with my followers via Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads & Comments
I just want to be more active on social media in general. I feel like right now I read a lot of other people's comments and statuses without contributing. I'm going to make sure to put myself out there and chime in more often.

5 Comment on other blogs more
I try and do this already but I want to do better! I have that habit of reading but not commenting. I am going to make a concerted effort to comment on every post I visit.

6 Try and not request so many digital review copies
I think doing this will help me get to 80% a lot faster!

7 Make time for books that I've wanted to read but have pushed aside for new releases
I get bogged down in review books and there are so many books that came out in 2012 and 2013 that I missed. I would love to be able to take time and read what I really want to rather then just review books.

8 Finish my manuscript, edit and query
I participated in NaNo Warm Up in October (because NaNoWriMo is a bit much). By December I only had a few scenes left to write. I would love in 2014 to get my MS edited to the point that it is ready to agent and query.

This is how things are probably going to go though. I'm prepared for this.

Okay so I only have 8 goals, but hopefully I can reach them all in 2014! 


  1. Good luck to us both! :) And thanks again for hosting the NG & Edelweiss Reading Challenge!

    Here's my TTT post :)

  2. I hope you reach all of your goals this year! I have the same problem with writing reviews weeks later.

    Top Ten Goals

  3. I have that same problem you mentioned in #7 too! I get so excited by a new book and then buy it and it either gets read right away or ends up on the stack of books "I can't wait to read, (but apparently can...)"
    It's one of my resolutions this year as well :)

  4. Most of these are the same as mine. I have already started reading many books not on my requested review lists. And my biggest goal is to get back to reviewing big time. It's why I started my blog and what I really love to do. Good Luck with your goals. You might want to reread your post every now and then! LOL It will help to get you motivated, for sure:)

  5. Those are some amazing goals, Emily! Best of luck. If you're looking to do better with series, you should look into Read. Sleep. Repeat.'s series challenge! You are definitely not alone with many of these goals. I think we're all trying to do better with reviews and percentages and not requesting (or automatically downloading. Surprisingly, this is a REALLY hard goal!). Thank you for the NG/EW challenge. I'm definitely going to use it to be better. Like you, I tend to wait until a day or two before I post to write the review instead of writing when the book is fresh. Totally weird, not sure why I do that. Anyway, good luck!

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog