Saturday, January 11, 2014

Indie Spotlight: The Fine Line by Alicia Kobishop

The Fine Line
Author: Alicia Kobishop
Release Date: Dec 6, 2013

High school senior Liv Evans has one rule: No attachments. She’s lost enough in her life and has vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure she never again feels the emptiness of losing someone she loves. Boys are a fun distraction, but a serious relationship is something she’d rather live without. Her determination for a future free of pain and heartbreak is put to the test when she meets–and quickly forms an unexpected bond–with Logan Tanner.
Logan has always been a free spirit, but ever since a life-changing event took place, which left him doubting the integrity of those who are closest to him, he’s taken that term to a whole new dangerous level. Learning the hard way that life is too short for worries or work–and that women can’t be trusted–Logan has exchanged steady work for street racing. When Liv walks into his world, everything he thought he knew about life and women is challenged.
In The Fine Line, Liv and Logan will discover if it’s possible for true love to have a future, or if history is destined to repeat itself.
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What were your three favorite things about writing The Fine Line?
1. Exploring my creativity. Although I loved my job and the people I worked with, medical billing had its moments of dull monotony. Daydreaming about Liv & Logan's fictional world took me out of those moments.

2. Learning about writing. I had no prior writing experience before starting The Fine Line, but once I began this journey, I wanted to know everything about it. Learning how to write a novel that people might actually want to read took as much time as writing it...and I enjoyed every moment of it!

3. Finding my passion. With a good job and a happy home, I considered myself successful before writing The Fine Line. But once I started writing, a void was filled that I didn't even know was there, and I became determined to finish.
What was your least favorite thing? 
 I tried to balance my time as much as possible but there came a point where my kids told me that I was "no fun anymore" because I was spending so much time writing. That hurt. But I'm glad they voiced their opinions because after that, I made adjustments so that I could spend more quality time with them, and all was well in our world again.
What does your writing space look like or consist of? 
 Living in a 900 square foot home with a 4 person family means there's very little space. :) There is a small desk in corner of my bedroom, next to my dresser, which holds my computer. Luckily, my husband is a heavy sleeper and isn't bothered with the clicking of the keyboard!

If The Fine Line had a theme song what would it be?
Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse (feat. Natasha Betingfield). I think of Liv and Logan every time I hear it.

What is the last book you read and loved? 
 I've read a lot of books lately. Some good, some ok, but the last one that I read front to back without stopping...the one that kept me up all night...was On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves. Loved it.

About the Author
Alicia Kobishop, who was born, raised, and currently resides in the greater Milwaukee, WI area, is a happily married mother of 2 young children. "The Fine Line," a new adult contemporary romance, is her debut novel. 


  1. Thank you so much for the giveaway!! The Fine Line sounds like a fantastic read and one that i am definately adding to my must-read shelf!! As a fan of this genre and from what i have read of the book's blurb, i am intregued to find out more about the characters...x

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. The cover really drew me in and then I really loved the excerpt of the book and am interested in this new author... Thanks for the inro and Good Luck To All!!!

  4. I love the cover and the excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway.