Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Top 10 Books on my Winter TBR List

As of late I have been kind of bogged down in review books so this winter I want to play catch up and read books that I've had simmering on the backburner for a while. Hopefully I can get to all of these lovelies over the next few months. Or if you're in South Dakota, May because that is when the snow will finally be gone.

1 Cinder & Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
My sister gave me Cinder for Christmas last year! I really need to get reading Cinder and the sequel Scarlet because I have an ARC of Cress that needs to get read by February.

2 The Mad Scientists Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke
I snagged this when Angry Robot did a special galley re-release on Netgalley. I have wanted to read this since it came out because I'm a fan of Cassandra Rose Clarke's The Assassin's Curse series. Hopefully this is just as good.

3 Pantomime & Shadowplay by Laura Lam
I have been meaning to read Pantomime for ages and now that I have an ARC of Shadowplay I really need to start reading.

4 The Dark Between by Sonia Gensler
The blurb on this book mentioned Sarah Rees Brennan which was enough to sell me on it. I recently traded for this book and now I can't wait to read it!

5 Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente
Leigh Bardugo mentioned this novel somewhere about something, I'm sure it was Darkling related so I added it to my TBR and got it cheap from bookoutlet.com. I want to finally get to it now!

6 Sekret by Lindsay Smith
Okay admittedly this isn't old, Sekret doesn't come out until April but I'm super excited to read it!

7 Shades of Earth by Beth Revis
I haven't read Shades of Earth because I don't want the series to end, but I think I'm ready now.

8 The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
Since Winter = Cold, Coldest Girl in Coldtown = Winter Read.

9 Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
This is on the list from sheer peer pressure. Everyone has liked this novel, literally everyone.

10 Acid by Emma Pass
I think this actually comes out in the US in March but I traded for a copy ages ago and it has proceeded to sit on my shelf which is ridiculous. I really want to read this!


  1. CINDER AND SCARLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah can you tell I LOVE that series :D I also REALLY want to read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown! It looks so good! I have heard of a few of the others.. but not all.. will have to go check them out so I know if I need to add them to my TBR ! :D Thanks for sharing ~Chelle http://thepassionatebookworms.com/top-ten-tuesday-2/

  2. I just bought Cinder and Scarlet, so we're on the same boat! I just want to dig in and immerse myself in this world because I only hear good things about it. Ditto with Coldest Girl in Town. You're going to really like Eleanor & Park. I'm such a fan of Rainbow Rowell's writing.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

  3. I need to read Scarlet and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown as well. A lot of these look like great books. Have fun.

  4. I'm actually listening to the audiobook of Cinder right now and I really like it! It's such a unique story!

  5. oh i'm in the same boat. I've cleared my review schedule for the rest of the month to read books I want to catch up on. I love review books but it's nice to take a break from a schedule. I'm reading cinder right now

  6. SO Jealous that you have an ARC of CRESS! Cinder and Scarlet are fantastic!! SO I hope you enjoy :) Eleanor and Park was one of my 2013 favorites, I am quickly becoming a Rainbow Rowell fan.

    our TTT
    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  7. Loooooooooots of amazing books here! Pantomime and Shadowplay are amazing, as are Cinder and Scarlet. I adored The Mad Scientist's Daughter - it's my go to book for anyone that asks for a recommendation. It's so beautiful! Acid is brilliant but I wasn't so keen on Holly Black's book.

    JEALOUS of Cress ARC! Aghh :) enjoy your books

    My Top Ten Tuesday :)

  8. Don't worry! Shades of Earth is a lovely and very fitting ending to AtU. I loved it, and I really hope you do too! Great list, Emily!

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog
    My TTT

  9. Love this list! You have to read Cinder it is such an amazing book and I'm so jealous that you have Cress! Pantomime is also a beautifully unique book. Quite a few year that are sitting on my shelf waiting to be read or waiting to be bought on my wishlist.

    New follower via GFC and bloglovin' :)

    Becca @ Lost in Thought

  10. I'm looking forward to The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Also keep meaning to dive into the Cinder series.... but keep finding other books to read first! Eleanor and Park is lovely, and beautifully written. I'd definitely recommend making sure that's at the top of the list! Great books!

    M from Backlist Books

  11. I LOVED the Coldest Girl in Coldtown, like, SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Cinder, Scarlet and Eleanor & Park are good books. I also need to read Shades of Earth. I need to GET Shades of Earth.
    My TTT: http://awesomemonica.blogspot.com/2013/12/top-ten-tuesday-books-on-my-winter-tbr.html

  12. Cinder, Scarlet, and Eleanor & Park are definite must reads!! :)

    Check out my TTT! :)
    Karla @ Silver Readings

  13. Oh my gosh, read ELEANOR & PARK! And I need to send CRESS back to you--it is SO GOOD! Thanks for stopping by!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  14. Cinder and Scarlet made my list too, I really want to start that series! I have heard nothing but good things about the Lunar Chronicles, so hopefully we both love it! Great list! I hope you get to read them all. My TTT.