Thursday, October 31, 2013

NaNo Warm Up Wrap Up

I wrote 25,000 words!

Yay! At first 25K seemed so daunting, I was sure that I would never be able to make it in a month. At the beginning of warm up I had it in my head that only professional writers could make the time every day to write. That my schedule wasn't forgiving enough to allow time to write every day. 

After the first week I realized something, you make time for the things you enjoy. I would stay up later, or sacrifice reading time before bed to get my word count for the day completed. In class I would have both my class notes and work in progress (WIP) open so that if I had a spare moment or idea during lectures I could jot it down. I forced myself to make time and it worked! I made 25K easily, and my WIP is now over 44K. 

My WIP is no where near finished and I know I have some major editing/re-writes ahead of me but I'm happy that I did NaNo Warm Up. The community was amazing, I learned all about writing sprints, and I hope that I'm able to participate next year. I do regret not being able to do NaNoWriMo but I know my limitations and finals start right after Thanksgiving. I am also writing a 25-30 page paper on the Indian Child Welfare Act for my Indian Law class so I know where my priorities need to be.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this month, and for listening to me on twitter and here on the blog. Keeping myself accountable really helped make this month a success.