Friday, October 18, 2013

NaNo Warm Up Mid Point Check In

At the beginning of this month I began NaNo Warm Up and as a part of my bid to keep myself honest I decided to do a NaNo Warm Up Check in post! I am happy with my progress so far and am so excited with the direction my WIP is headed.

I've also come to realize I really like writing with a community! I feel like if I am accountable then I actually take the time and write words every day. I am now on the hunt for a yearlong group to join after October so if you know of any or any active hashtags on twitter make sure to mention them in the comments!

First Weeks Stats:
  • Tuesday (10/1) 892
  • Wednesday 1433
  • Thursday 247
  • Friday 44
  • Saturday 1287
  • Sunday 2720
  • Monday 1232
Second Week Stats:
  • Tuesday (10/8) 847
  • Wednesday 0
  • Thursday 373
  • Friday 1026
  • Saturday 542
  • Sunday 1513
  • Monday 3368
Third Week Stats (so far)
  • Tuesday (10/15) 1801
  • Wednesday 1913
  • Thursday 872
Total Word Count: 20,110
Words Left To Goal: 4,890


  1. Congrats on almost reaching your goal! You're doing really well, Emily :D

  2. Sounds like a great plan you've put into place. That's amazing. I've ignored NaNo the past few years, but I might be ready to get back into it.