Friday, July 5, 2013

Around The World: Jennifer & Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

Welcome to Around The World! On Friday I feature a Blogger, Author or Publisher and ask questions about the country or state they are from and what it is like to be a member of the book world there! If you are interested in being featured please sign up here.

This week on the Blog I have Jennifer & Marianne from Boricuan Bookworms!

Where are you from?
We're from Puerto Rico. We both live in the Metro area.

What is the best and worst thing about living in the country you are from?

Jennifer: The best thing I can think of is the weather. It’s weird but nice at the same time, since it changes from sunny to rainy in a matter of seconds. Most people only have one or the other. Plus the beaches. Only thing I don’t like of living here is that not many people appreciate the habit of reading, hence why there aren’t many book stores compared to department or clothes ones.

Marianne: I love the fact that I live in a tropical island, which means that we have perfect beach weather most of the time (except in winter, DON'T go to the beach in winter unless you want hypothermia, I should know). What I don't like is that we're basically looked over as an "insignificant" island. Most people don't even know that Puerto Rico exists! We're a US Territory, not THAT invisible. xD

What is the biggest challenge of being a book blogger there?

Jennifer: Not really sure. I’d say that the language, since our blog is in English and a lot of people here don’t know that language, or aren’t interested in things related to books.

Marianne: I'd say the fact that reading isn't appreciated so much here. Hence the lack of proper bookstores and avid readers.

Are you able to go to book signings, launches, or industry events?

Jennifer: There used to be some when the book store Borders was open, thought I didn’t attend any because I was too young and my parents wouldn’t take me. As of today, I’ve only heard of two, one being this weekend, but I can’t go. So nope, I’m not able to. Mostly because of transportation. I really should study to have my learner's permit to drive.

Marianne: I had gone to one a long time ago, when Borders was still open. Now that they opened a new bookstore, fingers crossed that there will be some of those events.

Are Publishers willing to work with you were you live? 

Jennifer: I haven’t tried any since I live in an island, making shipping any ARCs or such difficult too much work with for many.

Marianne: Once, the publishers of Simon Pulse sent me a box of books, but other than that, shipping is kind of hard so many Publishers don't like to send out books. Netgalley, though, is really cooperative and ,sadly I'm currently addicted to requesting books.

Do you have any favorite books set in the country you are from or written by authors who are from the country you are from?

Jennifer: There’s actually one, called The Kiss Instructor by V. Anton. I liked the way she described our island and its beauty.

Marianne: I read this book for my AP English class called, When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago, and even if it's a memoir, it's actually very entertaining and set both in Puerto Rico and New York. Plus the author is puertorican and used to live in the same city as I do!

A Few Of My Favorite Things
Favorite Book (overall):

Jennifer: The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Spanish Dictionary by Dr. Seuss. Since I knew Spanish, I used it to learn English when little, and start to love books.
Marianne: This is just so difficult *strokes chin in concentration* I guess Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.

Favorite Book Recent Release:

Jennifer and Marianne: Taking Back Forever by Karen Amanda Hooper. Gosh that book killed us


Jennifer: I have too many to fit here... So I’ll just go with Rick Riordan but I love many other authors too.
Marianne: There are so many! I'll say Veronica Roth, John Green, Cynthia Hand, Ally Carter, and Rick Riordan.

Social Media: 

Jennifer: Goodreads. It’s addicting.
Marianne: Goodreads, Tumblr and Youtube. I spend hours and hours on these websites without even trying.

International Food:

Jennifer: Erm... Egg Rolls. Yummy.
Marianne: I think Chinese, Mexican or Italian. I can't get enough of them!


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