Friday, May 3, 2013

Around The World: Esty @ Boarding With Books

Welcome to Around The World! Every Friday I feature a Blogger, Author or Publisher and ask questions about the country or state they are from and what it is like to be a member of the book world there! If you are interested in being featured please sign up here.

This week on the blog I have Esty from Boarding with Books!


Where Are you from?
I am from Israel. Born in Canada, I moved here when I was 7 years old and live in a very American community :)

What is the best and worst thing about living in Israel?
Worst thing-
Well, everything political aside, being the only Western country in the Middle East means you are a little detached physically from a lot of things. All my family and friends in Canada and the US, ( and in the bookish world) author events and signings, book and movie releases, etc.

Best thing-
I'll get personal and say that the Israelis are like a family- lots of problems, within ourselves and our neighbors, but loving and caring all the same. Contrary to what the media might think, you can become instantly friends with anybody here. Also, it's such a small country yet filled with natural wonders (the dead sea, Jerusalem, the machtesh [google that if you haven't heard of them], to name a few) and man made ones.

What is the biggest challenge of being a book blogger in Isreal?
The biggest challenge of being a book blogger here is that books are more expensive for absolutely no reason! A not-translated, not imported, PAPERBACK will usually cost you around 25$ (in Hebrew. English books are usually less because they are brought from England. Go figure). If I ever go into politics, lowering the price of books will be the first bill I'll try to pass.

Are you able to attend author signings and blog events?
I wish!! Although because of the whole small country everyone-knows-someone thing, you're more likely to meet an Israeli author during your daily life.

Are publishing and industry professionals willing to work with you where you live?
Honestly, I've never tried contacting them before. I've never met/heard of another Israeli book blogger either- but maybe when I develop my Hebrew blog (link is in the tabs on my regular blog:)) further I will!

Do you have any favorite books set in Israel or written by Israeli authors?
Oh yes! It isn't translated to English but it would be called One Summer Together (my translation of the title) and it is about a group of teens all forced to go to summer school where they board for 2 months. It's absolutely amazing and totally relatable, especially for me (being in boarding school and all:))

A Few of My Favorite Things:
Favorite Book Overall: I HATE THIS QUESTION! *mentally apologizes to all my babies* Harry Potter
Fave Recent Release: Clockwork Princess

Author: Rick Riordan/Maggie Stiefvater/JK Rowling I could go on and on..... DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE???

Social Media: Finally! Something easy! Totally Twitter. You can find me HERE

International food: I discovered this recently-mallawach. it's Yemenite!!

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  1. Ah, nice to meet Etsy :)
    Clockwork Princess is my favourite recent release too :)

  2. Thank you for the spotlight, Emily! You guys can also find me on Goodreads and Twitter.