Monday, April 15, 2013

National Library Week

Starting Yesterday it is National Library Week! There is a host of different events National Library Week is sponsoring that you can check out below. If none of those strikes your fancy your local library is probably hosting a fun event or two!

The entire reason for National Library Week is to get people to their local libraries. Libraries are a center for community and communities matter. Engaged communities that foster learning have lower crime statistics, and a higher percentage of kids going to higher education. So go out, get involved, and support your local library!

National Library Week Events

Operation Teen Book Drop 2013-April 18

On April 18th it is Teen Lit Day! In honor of this momentous day Readergirlz are organizing a Rock The Drop event where you can donate a book to a local library, hospital, or leave a book anywhere (I wouldn't recommend this in SD as it did just snow, but listed below are places you can donate a book).

Here's how you can get involved:
  • Follow @readergirlz on Twitter and tweet #rockthedrop
  • Print a copy of the bookplate and insert it into a book (or 10!) On April 18th, drop a book in a public spot (park bench, bus seat, restaurant counter?) Lucky finders will see that the book is part of ROCK THE DROP! 
  • Post the banner at your blog and social networks. Proclaim that you will ROCK THE DROP! 
  • Snap a photo of your drop and post it at the readergirlz Facebook page. Then tweet the drop at #rockthedropwith all the other lovers of YA books.
In Vermillion, South Dakota book donations are accepted at:
  • Sanford Hospital
  • The Vermillion Public Library
  • The Civic Counsel 
  • The Vermillion Nursing Home 

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  1. Oh I really want to do this! Thanks for posting Emily I'm really intrigued about the Rock the Drop thing I may just have to go to school and leave a book somewhere :)

    Also with the Boston Marathon it'd be great to show kindness! Thanks for sharing!