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Out Of Play Cover Reveal

Out Of Play
Author: Nyrae Dawn & Jolene Perry
Publisher: Entangled
Expected Publication: August 6, 2013

Rock star drummer Bishop Riley doesn't have a problem. Celebrities—especially ones suffering from anxiety—deserve to party, right? Wrong. After taking a few too many pills, Bishop wakes up in the hospital facing an intervention. If he wants to stay in the band, he’ll have to detox while under house arrest in Seldon, Alaska. Hockey player Penny Jones can't imagine a life outside of Seldon. Though she has tons of scholarship offers, the last thing she wants is to leave. Who'll take care of her absent-minded gramps? Not her mother, who can’t even be bothered with the new tenants next door. Penny’s too hung up on another guy to deal with Bishop’s crappy attitude, and Bishop’s too busy sneaking pills to care. Until he starts hanging out with Gramps. If Bishop wants a chance with the fiery girl next door, he’ll have to admit he has a problem and kick it. Too bad addiction is hard to kick…and Bishop’s about to run out of time.

Author Bios:

Jolene Perry
Jolene grew up in South-central Alaska. She’s lived in Anchorage, near the Alyeska ski resort, on a cabin on an island on a lake, and then in a boring old house. Jolene kissed a boy on her high school graduation night. One she’d wanted to kiss for a long time. They got married two years later, have built two homes together, survived military deployments, law school, student loan debt, and two children. Jolene plays the guitar, takes pictures, and loves to hike. She doesn’t like rivers, but loves the ocean. She loves to fly, but gets motion sick. Her ultimate vacation would be to sail through the deserted islands in The Bahamas. Two years ago, she got that wish when her parents retired on a sailboat. She taught high school French when she was only a few years older than her students, and then taught middle school math with her degree in political science and French. She spends grocery money on designer fabric, shoes, and books. Jolene cannot express how many times she wished she could write a whole novel. And now she has. Several times. Life is good.

Goodreads Blog Tumblr

Nyrae Dawn
Writing has always been Nyrae Dawn’s passion. There have been times in her life where she wasn’t able to chase that dream the way she desired, but she always found her way back to telling stories. One of her loves has always been writing about teens. There’s something so fresh and fun about the age that she loves exploring. Her husband says it’s because she doesn’t want to grow up. She doesn’t think that’s such a bad thing and luckily for her, he doesn’t either. Nyrae gravitates toward character-driven stories. She loves going on emotional journeys with characters whether it be reading or writing. And yes, she’s a total romantic at heart and proud. Nyrae resides in sunny Southern California with her husband (who still makes her swoon) and her two awesome kids. When she’s not with her family, you can be pretty sure you’ll find her with a book in her hand or her laptop and an open document in front of her. She writes for Entangled Publishing, Grand Central Publishing and is self-published. Nyrae is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel and Goderich Literary Management

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Strands of Bronze and Gold Review & Giveaway

Strands of Bronze and Gold
Author: Jane Nickerson
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: March 12, 2013


The Bluebeard fairy tale retold. . . .
When seventeen-year-old Sophia Petheram’s beloved father dies, she receives an unexpected letter. An invitation—on fine ivory paper, in bold black handwriting—from the mysterious Monsieur Bernard de Cressac, her godfather. With no money and fewer options, Sophie accepts, leaving her humble childhood home for the astonishingly lavish Wyndriven Abbey, in the heart of Mississippi.
Sophie has always longed for a comfortable life, and she finds herself both attracted to and shocked by the charm and easy manners of her overgenerous guardian. But as she begins to piece together the mystery of his past, it’s as if, thread by thread, a silken net is tightening around her. And as she gathers stories and catches whispers of his former wives—all with hair as red as her own—in the forgotten corners of the abbey, Sophie knows she’s trapped in the passion and danger of de Cressac’s intoxicating world.
Glowing strands of romance, mystery, and suspense are woven into this breathtaking debut—a thrilling retelling of the “Bluebeard” fairy tale.

Strands of Bronze and Gold is a re-telling of the Bluebeard Grimm tale. Like most other Grimm tales it is less fairy princess and more dark, gritty, mysterious story. The re-telling was no different. I was constantly wondering what would happen next and how the main character was going to escape her situation.

The novel begins with Sophia joining her godfather M. Bernard at his home in Mississippi after her father passes away. Sophia is sad to leave her sister and brothers but also excited to meet her mysterious godfather for the first time. Sophia initially enjoys her time at the Abbey and all of the lavish gifts M. Bernard bestows on her. Soon he begins to show his true colors though, and that is when the mystery revs up.

I truly enjoyed the setting in this novel. The abbey as well as the Southern setting felt very real. I could feel the oppressive heat and the moss in the trees. I could see the dark attic of the abbey when Sophia explored. I also liked that Jane Nickerson kept the time period in mind. The characters always acted in ways that would be appropriate of a lady and gentleman and when a social taboo was broken the characters noticed. It was attention to detail like this that really made me love Strands of Bronze and Gold. 

I also liked the characters, especially Sophia. She came to the abbey young and naïve and through her stay she finds her own inner strength. Sophia ends up saving those around her and becoming a true heroine. I also really liked the secondary characters M. Bernard was both devilishly handsome and slightly evil (my favorite mix). He confused me throughout the novel and I was never sure exactly how I felt about him until the end. I also loved Gideon, I know you’re cringing at the potential of there being a love triangle right now, so I will put your fears at ease there is no true love triangle. Gideon was everything a fine Southern gentleman should be and I loved that he acted realistically in the constraints society had placed on him.

Another pleasant surprise I had when reading this book is that it dealt with the Underground Railroad and the slave trade. Not many YA books tackle this topic, even other books that are set in this time frame. I liked that Sophia and her sister had strong feelings on the subject and that Sophia tries to do what she can to help the cause. Slavery was so prominent in the south at this time that I was glad it was integrated in to the story so well. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Strands of Bronze and Gold it was not only a great re-telling but a great piece of historical fiction as well. I can’t wait to read more from this debut author!

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The Holder's Dominion Blog Tour

The Holder's Dominion
Author: Genese Davis
Publisher: Beaver Pond Press
Publication Date: March 1, 2013

After her father’s death on a mountain rescue mission, Kaylie Ames watched her family shatter. She fled Tacoma for college in faraway Austin, figuring that even the worst campus drama would be a relief. But when her old friend Elliott turns up on his knees in the grocery store aisle, raving about something called a morphis, Kaylie feels compelled to enter Elliott’s unfamiliar world.
Guided by Elliott and his friends, Kaylie signs on to the massively popular online game Edannair. There she discovers a world of beautiful vistas and magical creatures, where people from all over the globe step into the roles of warriors on fantastical quests. But a real-world evil threatens the players: the mysterious Holder, leader of the elite team known as Sarkmarr, is coercing his followers into traumatic offline dares known as “morphis assignments.” To save her friends, Kaylie must infiltrate Sarkmarr and survive the Holder’s tests.

Will she find the courage there to hold her real-world family together?
“Genese Davis is astonishingly deft at creating believable characters with a few sentences. You fall at once into Kaylie's world, thinking you're in for one story, and Davis sneakily takes you on another ride altogether. It will keep you turning the pages.” —Christie Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi—Ascension and World of Warcraft: Arthas—Rise of the Lich King

Guest Post
Top 5 Benefits This Woman Got by Gaming
By Genese Davis
1. Video Games Revolutionized the term “Team Building” 
Multi-player games have constant collaborative components that give its players a sense of camaraderie and unity. When I started playing MMOs, I had no idea what an adventure it would be! I’ve met people from all over the world, and we don’t just sit around having idle chitchat. We collaborate together on massive scales, produce thousands of ideas together, and work easily with each other to achieve common goals. “Team Building” has a whole new epic meaning to me!

2. Video Games Made Competition More Fun 
Even though growing up I didn’t really like competition, video games have shown me how healthy and fun it can be. Video games offer a unique approach to competition. It doesn’t really feel like “you against others” when you play. It almost feels like “you against yourself” for the purpose of improving your skill. Since discovering this world of PC and console games, I’ve played competitively with guilds in Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft, so I’ve witnessed the enormous efforts of players collaborating in a join effort to succeed. It is one of the most fascinating and remarkable experiences exclusive to MMO gameplay.

3. Video Games Improved my Visual Attention
Studies show numerous benefits to gaming such as: improvement in memory, faster reflexes, ability to make quick decisions, and improvement in visual attention. For example, real-time strategy (RTS) games compel you to build and engineer structures, vehicles, and artificially intelligent beings. You must also simultaneously solve puzzles and strategize to protect your holdings. But it’s one thing to talk about the benefits; it’s another to experience it. And I have. After playing video games, I’ve noticed self-growth in practical and personal ways. I’m more aware, I don’t have to dilly-dally at things, and even though I think my vision and memory have always been good, now I feel that they are great!

4. Video Games Improved my Self-Confidence 
Games build confidence—especially video games. In video games, the player is the hero. The storylines in video games empower gamers to believe in themselves by giving direct feedback, i.e., “We couldn’t have won without you,” and, “Thank you so much; you saved us!” How often in the real world do we get that kind of direct feedback or compliments? Not often. We face peer pressure in school. We starve for feedback in the workplace. At home, stress feeds negativity. And TV teaches us that we’re not good enough and we’ll lose. Games teach us that we’re epic and we’ll win. My confidence has improved since playing video games. The players create an open, welcoming environment where everyone learns together and helps each other. It is a very therapeutic and inviting way to spend your free time. Through games we learn the habits of heroes—our batteries get jumpstarted.

5. Video Games Opened Up New Social Networks 
There is a huge gaming community around the world that welcomes new members with open arms. Anyone can join no matter your level or game of choice. Being social and meeting new people is a significant benefit to gaming. Players are discovering and discussing artwork, storylines, history, skill sets, challenges, and collaborating on a planetary scale. Video games have opened up my social networks on a massive level. The next time you consider widening your social networks, video games are a great choice!

 Author Bio
Davis has a B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin, with minors in theatre and Spanish. Her favorite college highlights include studying abroad in Costa Rica for university business credit, performing in plays, and studying playwriting. After graduating, Davis worked as a financial institution manager before becoming an author and video game promoter. She never expected to become an avid video game enthusiast. She ventured into the world of MMO gaming as an adult and discovered a passion for in-game community, especially in raiding teams. Working with industry professionals, she gained a deep understanding of video games and their artists, lore, culture, and development. She experienced more serious gaming while playing with competitive guilds in Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft and cracked the top 100 in the world for her class in the latter. Davis received the Server-first Legendary Achievement in September 2011—an extremely prestigious gaming award. She has experience co-founding new raids, leading raids as an officer who organized and developed strategies for fights, and working as a liaison between new players and raid leaders. This experience naturally led her to create the Dark Iron Raiding Alumni, a group that gives players from all over the world an exciting way to stay connected whether they are past, present, or future gamers. That gaming experience laid the foundation for her first novel, The Holder's Dominion, which hits bookstore shelves in Spring 2013.

Davis is also the owner of The Gamer in You, an online movement offering new meaning to the word ‘gamer.’ As an avid supporter of artists and their craft, Davis has a keen affection for all types of artistry, especially theatre, filmmaking, music, photography, and art-gallery openings. She lives in Irvine, California, where she advocates for her other passion, animal rescue, and writes for independent film. Her motto is Lark your life!

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Fractured Soul Blog Tour

I am pleased to participate in the Fractured Soul Blog Tour hosted by AToMR Tours! Make sure to stop by the rest of the tour stops at the bottom of this post!

Fractured Light
Author: Rachel McClellan
Publisher: Sweetwater Books
Publication Date: Feb 8, 2012

I’m dying, I thought. This was unexpected and not at all how I envisioned my death. I was supposed to die gardening in a flowerbed as a hundred-year-old woman, not as a seventeen-year-old trapped in a lake beneath inches of ice.
Llona Reese is used to living on the run. After the Vykens killed her parents, she knew they would eventually come for her too. She can’t take any chances. But when she starts to make friends for the first time in her life, she gets careless and lets her guard down. Big mistake.
As an Aura, Llona can manipulate light and harness its energy. But if she wants to survive, Llona will have to defy the Auran Council and learn to use her power as a weapon against the Vyken whose sole desire is to take her light. Now she’s caught in something even bigger than she can understand, with a power she can’t wield, and no one she can trust, except, just maybe, a mysterious stranger.
In this breathtaking and romantic adventure, Rachel McClellan delivers a truly mesmerizing story that will keep you guessing to the very end.

Fractured Soul
Author: Rachel McClellan
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Publication Date: Feb 12, 2013


Llona will do whatever it takes to protect her new found friends and home, but the dark plot that is threatening Lucent Academy, a school that’s supposed to be a safe place for Auras, may be too powerful for even Llona to defeat. This fast-paced tale of love, loyalty, and overcoming the darkness will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page!

Author Bio
Rachel was born and raised in Idaho, a place secretly known for its supernatural creatures. When she's not in her writing lair, she's partying with her husband and four children. Her love for storytelling began as a child when the moon first possessed the night. For when the lights went out, her imagination painted a whole new world. And what a scary world it was…

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Check out the rest of the tour

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Stacking The Shelves 48

I had an awesome week this week, I traded for some really awesome books on YA Book Exchange and was accepted for some wonderful titles on Edelweiss! Can't wait to get reading! Make sure to leave links in the comments. 

The Archived by Victoria Schwab
For Darkness Shows The Stars by Diana Peterfreund
(Thanks for the trade Felicia @ Readers Corner!)

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
(Thanks for the trade Holly!)

Life After Theft by Aprilynn Pike
The Murmurings by Carly Anne West
Rush by Eve Silver

Night School by C.J. Daugherty
Born Of Illusion by Teri Brown
Grave Consequences by Lisa T. Bergren

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Around The World: Mandy @ The Romance Bookie

Welcome to the third week of Around The World! Every Friday I feature a Blogger, Author or Publisher and ask questions about the country or state they are from and what it is like to be a member of the book world there! If you are interested in being featured please sign up here.

This week I have Mandy from The Romance Bookie on the blog!

Where are you from?
Originally from Berlin, Germany, but I moved to a small town in Southern California when I was 7, and have lived here ever since! :) (I'm 21 now)

What is the best and worst thing about living in the California?
Best: California is just overall a really awesome place! The weather is very rarely anything but Sunny, where I live! :)

Worst: the weather can also sometimes be a big pain...for instance in the summer it gets EXTREMELY hot!We've had over 105 before, with humidity! Awful!

What is the biggest challenge of being a book blogger there?
I will say the biggest challenge has been not having friends that like to read, when it comes to blogging. My friends support what I do, but I know they all aren't really readers. It's a bummer, but then again, that's why I started meet awesome readers like myself! :)

Are you able to go to book signings, launches, or industry events?
Once in a while yes. I live about an hour and a half away from Los Angeles, which is where pretty much all signings are! I got to go to two last year. Passion and Prose last February, which is where I met Meg Cabot (my all time favorite author!), Marissa Meyer (Cinder), Beth Revis (Across the Universe), Andrea Cremer (Nightshade Series), Marie Lu (Legend), Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked), and A TON of others! It was a really awesome day!

Then last April I went to a signing, in Santa Barbara, which is where I met Gayle Forman (If I Stay, and the new Just One Day), Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss & Lola and the Boy Next Door), and Nina LaCour (The Disenchantments) which was a LOT of fun too!
It's always great talking to the authors! :)

And then next month I'm meeting CASSANDRA CLARE at a signing! Which is going to awesome!!!! :) I know I'm lucky to go to these, but I do wish I could make more :).

Are Publishers willing to work with you were you live? Is it hard to find Industry Professionals?
Even though I've been blogging for a bit over two years now, I am just now getting to work with the publishers. The one that is the most prominent does work with me very well! Thanks to the ability of emailing, ebooks, and snail mail I usually always get some sort of book! :)

Do you have any favorite books set in in California or written by authors who live in California?
Maybe I'm just having a complete blank out, but none of my absolute favorite authors live in California, or have books set here!

I read "Lola and the Boy Next Door" by Stephanie Perkins recently, which is set in San Francisco, which is a really amazing city by the way! Loved that one! :)
And then I believe Jay Asher (13 Reasons Why) lives in California, I see him Facebook about events here all the time! :)

Oh and Hilary Duff is from California, and I believe "Elixir" takes place here too (not 100% sure about that though). Hilary Duff was my idol growing up! haha

A Few Of My Favorite Things:

Favorite Book (overall):
UGH! No!!! Tough question! Way too many! But a book that I could really relate to because of the message was Kody Keplinger's "The DUFF"! Love that book! Kody is a really inspiring person too!

Favorite Book Recent Release:
I've read two favorites that I was looking forward to..."Just One Day" by Gayle Forman and "Scarlet" by Marissa Meyer! Loved them both! "Scarlet" I had been waiting for since last February when I read "Cinder" so it was great being able to finally read it!!

Meg Cabot!!
Love her books! Read almost all of them! She's also a really great person! Super nice and fun! And a huge supporter of her fans! :)

Social Media:
I like Facebook! Just because Twitter is more of a promoting tool for me, Facebook is more fun to interact with people! However, when it comes to reading Goodreads is AWESOME! Love that place!

Reading Spot: depends! I have a lot! I love my room, which I just moved into in November. It's got great lighting. But recently I've been reading a lot in this park next to where I work, right before I have to go in for my shift.

Thanks Emily for having me! Love Falling for YA! :) 
Thanks Mandy for stopping by! ~Emily

Connect With Mandy:

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Dance Of Shadows Blog Tour

Dance of Shadows
Author: Yelena Black
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: Feb 12, 2012

Dancing with someone is an act of trust. Elegant and intimate; you're close enough to kiss, close enough to feel your partner's heartbeat. But for Vanessa, dance is deadly – and she must be very careful who she trusts . . .
Vanessa Adler attends an elite ballet school – the same one her older sister, Margaret, attended before she disappeared. Vanessa feels she can never live up to her sister's shining reputation. But Vanessa, with her glorious red hair and fair skin, has a kind of power when she dances – she loses herself in the music, breathes different air, and the world around her turns to flames . . .

Soon she attracts the attention of three men: gorgeous Zep, mysterious Justin, and the great, enigmatic choreographer Josef Zhalkovsky. When Josef asks Vanessa to dance the lead in the Firebird, she has little idea of the danger that lies ahead – and the burning forces about to be unleashed . . .

Vanessa is accepted to the prestigious New York Ballet Academy the same academy her sister, Margaret, disappeared from three years ago. Vanessa is not truly passionate about dance but she is determined to find her sister. When Vanessa is cast in the same ballet her sister was to star in before she disappeared Vanessa believes she will be able to find out what happened to her sister.

Dance of Shadows is written in third person and because of that I had a harder time relating to the main character Vanessa, it felt like I was just following her around rather then actually being in her head and understanding her motivations and feelings. Eventually she did start to grow on me, and I really wanted her to solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance and the Firebird.

In Dance of Shadows there was a whole host of supporting characters T.J, Blaine, Steffie, and Elly . My one problem with them was that one of the supporting characters, Elly, drops out after only going to school for a week and all of the characters become obsessed with it. They are calling Elly constantly, sending her e-mails, wondering why she left, and lamenting the loss of her like she was their best friend! This was probably the most unrealistic part of this entire book. In undergrad and Law School I have had people drop out around me all the time, especially during the first week! I’m sorry to say but no one thinks about these people once they are gone. When someone drops out they are just kind of forgotten it was weird that these characters got so obsessed with Elly. 

The romance in this book rubbed me the wrong way. There is a love triangle which isn’t a deal breaker, for me, unless the love triangle is done badly. Unfortunately this one was done terribly. Both Zeppelin or Zep and Justin are flat and one dimensional I never got the vibe that either of them really liked Vanessa other then the fact that they told her they did and even worse, it never felt like Vanessa had any feelings for either of them! In fact Vanessa talks about how much she hates Justin and then suddenly she likes him? The book actually would have benefited if there had been no romance and instead had focused on the mystery. 

The saving grace for this book was the ending. I liked all the twists and turns it took and I have to say I really didn’t see the supernatural element coming which was a pleasant surprise. I’m interested to see how Black will expand upon this in the next book.

Overall, I enjoyed Dance of Shadows at times I was rolling my eyes but all in all it was a pretty interesting read and I hope Black further fleshes out the characters in book 2 and expands upon the nice start she made in book 1.

Author Bio:
Yelena Black is a recent MFA graduate of Columbia University. She currently resides in New York City and is a full-time writer. She has a keen interest in dance and all things devilish.

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Waiting on Wednesday: Indelible

Author: Dawn Metcalf
Publisher: HarlequinTeen
Expected Publication: July 30, 2013

Some things are permanent.
And they cannot be changed back.
Joy Malone learns this the night she sees a stranger with all-black eyes across a crowded room—right before the mystery boy tries to cut out her eye. Instead, the wound accidentally marks her as property of Indelible Ink, and this dangerous mistake thrusts Joy into an incomprehensible world—a world of monsters at the window, glowing girls on the doorstep, and a life that will never be the same.
Now, Joy must pretend to be Ink’s chosen one—his helper, his love, his something for the foreseeable future...and failure to be convincing means a painful death for them both. Swept into a world of monsters, illusion, immortal honor and revenge, Joy discovers that sometimes, there are no mistakes.
Somewhere between reality and myth lies…
My Thoughts:
Girls sees boy across crowded room, boy tries to cut out girls eye. This sounds like true love to me! I already have a feeling I am going to love this novel and the wait until July is absolutely killing me!

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Boys Of Summer Promo Post & Giveaway

Boys of Summer
Author: C.J. Duggan
Publication Date: Dec 17, 2012
Genre: New Adult Romance

It seemed only natural to nickname them the ‘Onslow Boys’. Every time they swaggered in the front door of the Onslow Hotel after a hard week’s work, their laughter was loud and genuine as they settled onto their bar stools. I peeked through the restaurant partition, a flimsy divider between my world and theirs. I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw them, saw him ... Toby Morrison.
Quiet seventeen-year-old Tess doesn’t relish the thought of a summertime job. She wants nothing more than to forget the past haunts of high school and have fun with her best friends before the dreaded Year Twelve begins.
To Tess, summer is when everything happens: riding bikes down to the lake, watching the fireworks at the Onslow Show and water bomb fights at the sweltering Sunday markets.
How did she let her friends talk her into working?
After first-shift disasters, rude, wealthy tourists and a taunting ex-boyfriend, Tess is convinced nothing good can come of working her summer away. However, Tess finds unlikely allies in a group of locals dubbed ‘The Onslow Boys’, who are old enough to drive cars, drink beer and not worry about curfews. Tess’s summer of working expands her world with a series of first times with new friends, forbidden love and heartbreaking chaos.
All with the one boy she has never been able to forget.
It will be a summer she will always remember
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Moon rays filtered through the windshield, giving the cabin an otherworldly glow.

Toby’s perfect teeth were illuminated when he smiled. “You know, you are the worst winner!” He shook his head. “Ever since you won the bet, you’ve been apologising. Just go with it, enjoy it, because I assure you, next time …” - he leaned closer - “… you will not be the winner.” He pulled back, smug.

I curved a brow. “Next time?”

He nodded. “I fully intend to redeem myself.”

“Want a chance to rebuild your shattered ego, do you? I bet you’re itching to fix my bike so you can be rid of me once and for all.” I shouldered him gently, teasing him as I would Adam. And then I realised what I had done; I had treated him like my friends. He looked down at his shoulder, then up at me. His eyes shadowed with untold meanings that I couldn’t read.

“What if I didn’t want to fix your bike?” he said in all seriousness.

“Why, is my company so stimulating that you can’t bear the thought of being without me?” I teased nervously.

I was aiming for light and airy, but something must have gone wrong with my delivery because Toby’s face went blank. He looked out into the lights of Onslow, ran his tongue over his bottom lip and sighed.

Author Bio
C.J Duggan is an Australian author who lives with her husband in a rural border town of New South Wales, Australia. The Boys of Summer is Book One in her Mature Young Adult Romance Series.
For more on C.J and ‘The Summer Series’, visit


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The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

5/5 Stars

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: Feb 12, 2013

Oh man, where do I even start? I’m pretty sure by now everyone knows how I feel about Richelle Mead. I’m pretty sure she lives in Seattle on a cloud (a rain cloud of course) and writes books she knows I will like. Richelle has some crazy direct connection to my brain she knows just when to take things seriously, then make everything funny, and then throw in some Adrian. I knew this book was going to be 5 stars before I even read it just because it was written by Richelle.

The Indigo Spell begins a few weeks after The Golden Lily, Sydney is still confused about what happened between her and Adrian and she is trying to figure out how to stay away from him (like that is ever going to work!). Sydney is also still grappling with her Alchemist belief system and the fact that they have lied to her. Much of the book deals with Sydney casting off these beliefs and making decisions for herself, it made her a lot more likeable when she wasn’t blindly following Alchemist rhetoric.

Now let’s talk about my favorite subject Adrian now ♥ I was pretty sure I couldn’t love him any more after The Golden Lily…I was wrong! If Richelle has a direct line to my brain then Adrian has a direct link to my heart. Adrian’s lines had me both swooning and laughing out loud and I’m sure I had a goofy smirk on my face for the entirety of this novel.

“But each time you use spirit, you’re more likely to go crazy.”
“Already crazy about you, Sage.” 

When I read this series I feel like I have inside jokes with all the characters and other readers for example the tattoo of a pirate skeleton riding a motorcycle with a skeleton parrot throwing ninja stars that are on fire makes an appearance in The Indigo Spell. I also suddenly have a craving for fondue as I’m writing this review.

My one gripe with this book is that it was almost entirely about Adrian/Sydney (I know I should probably not be complaining about this, seeing as that’s exactly what I wanted to read about). I felt like Jill, Eddie, and Angeline were in the very far background and I wished they had been a bigger part of the story. Sydney was focusing so much on herself she was kind of neglecting her duties to Jill and the rest of the crew at school.

Overall, even with my one tiny (almost miniscule) gripe this book was easily 5 stars and my favorite read of 2013 so far! It was great spending Valentine’s Day with Adrian Ivashkov and I’m now even more excited for November when The Fiery Heart comes out so that I can finally read something from Adrian’s POV! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stacking The Shelves 47

There were a ton of great new releases this week and I was so happy to finally get to The Indigo Spell and Sever! This week I also pre-ordered Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare =) March is getting closer!

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead
Sever by Lauren DeStefano

Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman (Thanks Bloomsbury!)
The Fault In Our Stars (audiobook) by John Green

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Around The World: Lyra @ Defiantly Deviant

Welcome to the second week of Around The World! Every Thursday I feature a Blogger, Author or Publisher and ask questions about the country or state they are from and what it is like to be a member of the book world there! If you are interested in being featured please sign up here.

This week I have Lyra from Defiantly Deviant here on the Blog!

Where are you from?
I'm from the Philippines - a city called Marikina, specifically.

What is the best and worst thing about living in the Philippines?
I've always loved how the Filipino culture is a mixture of both eastern and western culture - the best of both worlds, if you may. Book blogging wise, I'm happy to state that there are a lot of book bloggers here, and I love that! We all tweet and communicate regularly, and that's always fun! I guess one thing I dislike about my country is that events featuring international acts - be it related to movies, sports, music, and books - are few and far between.

What is the biggest challenge of being a book blogger there?
Shipping to and fro the Philippines is rather expensive, and can take a while. (I've had to wait for a book for more than two months one time!) Also, while there are generous publishers who are more than willing to send out ARCs to bloggers based here, there are also others who refuse to do so. I really can't blame them though - as I said, shipping is really expensive! Also, some books that aren't that renowned take a while to arrive in the shelves.

Are you able to go to book signings, launches, or industry events?
Tehereh Mafi is actually going to do a book signing here next month, and I'm really excited for it! The book signings occur in bookstores located in Manila (the capital), and I don't live that far away from there, so I can go to most of them. Book signings don't really happen a lot though, maybe once or twice in a year?

Do authors ever do book tours?
Two of the more established book bloggers based here (Precious at Fragments of Life and Kai at Amaterasu Reads) run a blog tour site ( especially for Filipino bloggers, and they tour books regularly. There are publishers and authors alike who are willing to send out books for the tour site, and Precious and Kai arrange tours for those books.

Are there any publishers that are based exclusively in the Philippines?
I'm actually not sure. There are publishers of course who publish novels written by Filipinos, but I'm not really sure how many there are. One that comes to mind is Summit Media.

Are Publishers willing to work with you were you live? Is it hard to find Industry Professionals?
I'm happy to note that there are publishers who are willing to work with me and send out hard copies of their books, and I couldn't be more thankful. Moreover, most of the publishers on NetGalley are generous with their eARCs, so that's also a plus. I actually haven't met Industry Professionals personally (I don't think I'll be able to meet one unless I fly over to the States and go to ALA/BEA), but I've emailed with a few publicists and marketing personnel here and there.

Do you have any favorite books written by Filipino authors?
I actually haven't had the chance to read books written by Filipino authors. *hides* I'm planning to purchase books authored by Bob Ong soon though!

A Few Of My Favorite Things Section:
Favorite Book (overall): I'm going to cheat and answer both the Harry Potter series and the Vampire Academy series. (Sorry for cheating! LOL)

Favorite Book Recent Release: Everbound by Brodi Ashton

Author: Richelle Mead is my queen!

Social Media: Twitter, but Instagram's a close second.

Reading Spot: Nothing in particular - I can read anywhere!

Connect With Lyra:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting On Wednesday: Some Quiet Place


Some Quiet Place
Author: Kelsey Sutton
Publisher: Flux
Expected Publication: July 8, 2013
Goodreads Amazon

Elizabeth Caldwell doesn’t feel emotions . . . she sees them. Longing, Shame, and Courage materialize around her classmates. Fury and Resentment appear in her dysfunctional home. They’ve all given up on Elizabeth because she doesn’t succumb to their touch. All, that is, save one—Fear. He’s intrigued by her, as desperate to understand the accident that changed Elizabeth’s life as she is herself.
Elizabeth and Fear both sense that the key to her past is hidden in the dream paintings she hides in the family barn. But a shadowy menace has begun to stalk her, and try as she might, Elizabeth can barely avoid the brutality of her life long enough to uncover the truth about herself. When it matters most, will she be able to rely on Fear to save her?

My Thoughts:
The reason this novel caught my eye was because the author and a friend of mine have the same name! She spells her name Kelsea not Kelsey but I was like what are the chances of that!? After that initially caught my eye I read the synopsis and now I am officially hooked and can not wait for this novel to come out. Bonus, that cover is absolutely gorgeous/creepy! July seems SO far away. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Immortal Circus Blog Tour

The Immortal Circus
Author: A.R. Kahler
Publisher: 47 North
Publication Date: Dec 12, 2012 (ebook) Jan 29, 2013 (print)

Murdered contortionists aren’t exactly what Vivienne signed up for when she ran away to join the circus. But like most things under the big top, nothing is what it seems. With a past she can't quite remember, Vivienne finds that running away forever might not be as appealing as it once sounded—especially not when she realizes the devilishly attractive ringleader Mab is the Faerie Queen of legend…and that she and the rest of the troupe are locked in an age-old rivalry between the otherworldly Courts.
Aided by her friends Kingston—a feisty stage magician whose magic is quickly stealing her heart—and his smart-ass assistant Melody, Vivienne finds herself racing against the clock to discover the culprit behind a series of deaths that should be impossible. However, the answer she seeks might reveal more about her own bloody past—and future—than she bargains for.
The show's just beginning.

Step right up…


What inspired you to write about the circus?
It was actually a joint idea between Devyn Burton and I. Having spent a long time in the circus world, it was always kind of inevitable that I'd write a book about it some day!

Have you ever thought about running away and joining the circus as Vivienne does?
Kind of, but not really. I acted as a counselor with a touring big top show called Circus Smirkus. I've also done a lot of travelling around to put on shows. But I've never signed on as a full-time touring performer. I don't have that sort of attention span.

How long did it take for you to write and then publish The Immortal Circus?
The first draft took six weeks (the perks of going to grad school for writing—that's all I did). Then a loooong period of writing and expanding and revising. All together? Maybe eight months. The publishing time for the Kindle eSerials program is really fast—the first episode went out 6 weeks after signing the contract!

What was the hardest part about writing?
Avoiding the internet. In other words, just doing it.

Is there a song you would consider the theme song for your book? 
I won't lie: A large chunk of this book was inspired by Marilyn Manson's cover of “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.” It's dark and sexy and alluring, which is precisely what I was going for.

Emily: *squeals* ggahhh! I absolutely love that song!!

Are there any plans for a sequel?
Oh yes. It's set to be published in early June this year! Title and more info coming soon. :)

This or That

Write to music or not?
Music. For this book, I listened to a lot of cheesy pop. I think it shows.

Coffee or Tea?
Don't make me choose! I love both equally. Earl Grey and lattes are my faves.

Kindle or Nook?
I was given a Nook for the holidays. Which is ironic, seeing as my ebook was only available on Kindle during its release! I like both, though.

Dreamer or Realist?
Dreamer. Always.

Summer or Winter? 
Winter. I gravitate toward colder climates, which is probably why I always end up in the northern reaches of places.

Author Bio
Most little boys dream of running away to join the circus.

Alex didn't just dream it: he did it. But then, he rarely lets a good dream pass him by.

In the past six years he's toured and trained across America and Europe. He's performed in Amsterdam, taught trapeze in Madrid, studied in Glasgow and even had a stint as assistant to Holly Black and Cassandra Clare in New England. He's constantly on the lookout for new places to explore and new worlds to invent. He's a Sagittarius fueled by full moons and espresso. The way to his heart is a latte and fan art. Just for the record.

THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS is his first New Adult novel, and is being released exclusively through the Amazon Kindle e-Serials program by 47North. It will be available in print and audio when the episodes are complete.

MARTYR the first book in his post-apocalyptic fantasy, will be published by Spencer Hill Press in October 2014.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson

3/5 Stars

The Madness Underneath
Author: Maureen Johnson
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication: February 26, 2013
Goodreads Amazon

The Madness Underneath begins shortly after Rory’s run in with the ripper. She is on the mend and back in Bristol with her parents. Life in Bristol is none too exciting though and when a chance to return to London comes about Rory quickly takes it. Only London and Wexford aren’t the same as when she left and with radio silence from the Shades life is becoming sort of maddening.

In this book we get to know Rory a little better and learn more about the Shades and how they are surviving without the technology to get rid of ghosts. I liked that Rory really struggles with balancing school life, the shades, and dealing with what happened between her and the ripper. Too often YA heroines are portrayed as just coasting through school even after a terrible tragedy. Rory doesn’t coast she isn’t just an instantaneous straight A student and I liked that she has to deal with that.

There were a couple things I didn’t like about this book. I had a harder time relating to Rory in this novel then in the last one. It may have been that in The Name Of The Star there was more of a driving action and in this novel it was very character based, but I kept getting annoyed with Rory. She didn’t take her first therapist seriously, ignored her parents and her Wexford friends, and she trusted all the wrong people. I also found her back home Louisiana stories (that were cute in the first novel) kind of annoying. Maureen is a hilarious person, if you’re not already following her on Twitter you really should, but I kept wishing Rory would quit joking around and get down to business rather then trying to be funny when her thoughts were so dark.

Because Rory continually got on my nerves it was the supporting characters that shined in this novel. I really liked Boo, Callum, and especially Stephen. At first I thought Stephen was kind of a wet blanket with no personality but as I got to know him and read more of his back story I came to really like the guy and admired what a strong leader of the Shades he is.

Overall, The Madness Underneath was a good read but it suffered from second book syndrome the novel is all transition and buildup to an ending we won’t see until book 3. I kept wishing something more would happen and when something finally did happen we were left on a terrible cliffhanger. I have a feeling all of this buildup will pay off though and book 3 will totally rock!

Thank you Netgalley and Harper Collins Children's Publishing for allowing me to read an advanced readers copy of The Madness Underneath.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stacking The Shelves 46

I had a really exciting week! The lovely Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf was kind enough to let me borrow her copy of Siege and Storm which I am reading right now (GGGAAHHH *freaks out*). I was also selected to be an Ambuzzador through Random Buzzer's for Strands of Bronze and Gold! Random House was kind enough to send me 2 ARC's of the book and so I will be giving one away soon (keep your eyes posted!). And then I also won a giveaway over at YA Romantics! See extra exciting week =D

Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey (Thanks Arcycling!)
Siege and Storm (Thanks so much Rachel @ Beauty & The Bookshelf!)
Strands of Bronze and Gold (Thanks Random Buzzers!)

Legend & Prodigy by Marie Lu (Thanks Jen @ YA Romantics!) *Prodigy is also signed BTW!

Whistling Past The Graveyard by Susan Crandall

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pivot Point by Kasie West

4/5 Stars

Pivot Point by Kasie West
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: Feb 12, 2013

Addison has grown up and lived her entire life in the Compound a secret city in Texas where those who have advanced brains live. Everyone living inside the city has special powers like the ability to control mass, telekinesis, and in Addie’s case an ability called Divergence where she can see both futures for any choice she makes. The novel focuses on Addie searching two different futures when her parents tell her that they are getting a divorce and she has to choose who to live with.

What I loved about this book was the mystery it had. I was never sure which future Addie would choose and what would happen to her right until the end. I also enjoyed that at certain points her lives coincided with each other. It was fun to see who Addie grew into in each of her lives and how much this one choice changed things.

Addie was a fun character to follow she really made the book for me. I liked how loyal she was to her friends. One of my biggest pet peeves in YA is disappearing best friends, even in the future where Addie chooses to move away she still talks to Laila daily and Laila actually plays a pivotal role in the book. I also liked that in either scenario Addie maintained the same personality. It wasn’t like reading a story about two different people, Addie was the same person she was just in two different futures.

The romance in this book was also great. There were two love interests but there was no triangle! In the life with her father Addie meets a “Norm” boy named Trevor, who after an injury is still trying to figure out who he is. Addie is going through something similar now that she isn’t linked to her powers so it was great to see their relationship develop from just friends to something more. In the life with her mother Addie ends up with the head of the football team, Duke, who was the traditional quarterback stereotype. I never felt like I could fully trust Duke though so it kind of biased me in terms of love interest material.

Overall, I enjoyed Pivot Point the mystery kept me engaged and the characters really made the story. I now eagerly awaiting the sequel I can’t wait to see what happens to Addie next!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Around The World

The other day I was updating my blog roll and noticed for the first time how many of my blogging friends are not from the United States. This got my thinking about how wide reaching the YA Blogging, Publishing, and Author communities have become and made me want to learn more about what it is like to be a member of the YA Community both internationally and in different states around the US. Thus Around the World was born!

Each Thursday I am going to interview and feature a Blogger, Author or Publisher and ask questions about the country or state they are from and what it is like to be a member of the book world there!

This being the first week I am going to talk about what it is like to be a blogger in South Dakota.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
Hello! I'm Emily and I run this book blog, Falling For YA. I live in Vermillion, South Dakota during the school year but during the summer I move back to Tacoma, Washington (Tacoma is about 30 miles from Seattle) where I am originally from. It's a little bit like two different worlds South Dakota and Washington are very different!

Q: Are you able to go to Author Events/Book Launches/or Industry events (BEA, ALA, etc.)?
Actually almost never! South Dakota is a small state, no one visits it's a fly over and I think authors and the publishing industry have forgetten we are here. There are a some book events in Minneapolis (5 hour drive), and in Missouri (6 hour drive) but being a Law Student I don't have the time/money to make it to those events.

When I am living in Tacoma though I do try and go to books tours and signings. Last summer because of my work schedule I couldn't make it to a Richelle Mead signing but my sister Bethany was able to go for me!

Bethany and Richelle
Q: What is the best and worst thing about living in South Dakota?
The best thing is probably how small it is. Sometimes the smallness is really annoying, like I had a Chiptole craving the other day and the nearest Chipotle is in Omaha (2 hour drive). But the small town vibe is also really nice. There aren't any distractions when I really need to sit down and study.

The lack of events bookish and otherwise is definitely the worst thing about living in South Dakota. While it's nice to not be distracted it is also very boring sometimes! We don't get book tours, concerts, or traveling circuses here lol!

Q: What is the biggest challenge of being a book blogger where you live?
Probably the lack of events, it is hard to feel connected with the community when no other bloggers live around you, and no authors come and visit. Although, blogging can also be a challenge here because shipping takes a little bit longer for books (because it's the middle of nowhere), and sometimes our internet is spotty.

Q: Are Publishers willing to work with you where you live? Is it hard to find industry professionals?
I think Publishers are generally willing to work with me here in South Dakota, although it can be hard because I never get to talk to the publishing houses face-to-face it is always done through e-mail or Edelweiss or Netgalley. It would be nice to actually meet Industry Professionals and be able to hand them by business card but I think that will have to wait until I have more money to travel!

Q: What Country would you most like to visit?
To organize this event I've been looking at a lot of YA set around the world and where other bloggers live so that is actually a hard question because it changes every day. I think right now I would really love to visit Australia!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Book (Overall): The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book (Recent Release): Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Author: I love Richelle Mead, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maggie Stiefvater these women could write a book about clothes drying and I would end up loving it and raving about the awesome character development lol

Social Media: Twitter! Although I also really love Goodreads

Reading Spot: My bed for sure. I actually made this really cute reading alcove but I never use it because my bed is more comfy.

If you are interested in being interviewed and taking part in Around The World sign up here

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Waiting on Wednesday: The Pirate's Wish

The Pirates Wish
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Expected Publication: June 4, 2013
Goodreads Strange Chemistry

Synopsis: After setting out to break the curse that binds them together, the pirate Ananna and the assassin Naji find themselves stranded on an enchanted island in the north with nothing but a sword, their wits, and the secret to breaking the curse: complete three impossible tasks. With the help of their friend Marjani and a rather unusual ally, Ananna and Naji make their way south again, seeking what seems to be beyond their reach.
Unfortunately, Naji has enemies from the shadowy world known as the Mists, and Ananna must still face the repercussions of going up against the Pirate Confederation. Together, Naji and Ananna must break the curse, escape their enemies — and come to terms with their growing romantic attraction.
My Thoughts:
I really loved the first book in this series The Assassin's Curse. Ananna was an awesome heroine and I absolutely loved her strength and character! I can't wait to see if Ananna and Naji are able to break the curse on them and if they are able to be together! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Watcher Trailer Reveal

Author Lisa Voisin’s THE WATCHER will be releasing exactly one month from today, on March 4th, 2013 and I'm super excited to be able to share a short excerpt from the book and be a part of the book’s awesome trailer reveal!

THE WATCHER is author Lisa Voisin’s debut novel and is a book Eileen Cook says, “…is sure to keep readers turning the pages late into the night.”

With gothic techno beats, super cool images and a description that is meant to tease, this trailer really sets the mood for the story. Make sure to leave a comment telling me what you think!

Author: Lisa Voisin
Publisher: InkSpell Publishing
Publication date: March 4, 2013
Pages: 508
Format: Available to pre-order in Paperback

Millennia ago, he fell from heaven for her.Fascinated with ancient civilizations, seventeen-year-old Mia Crawford dreams of becoming an archaeologist. She also dreams of wings—soft and silent like snow—and somebody trying to steal them.When a horrible creature appears out of thin air and attacks her, she knows Michael Fontaine is involved, though he claims to know nothing about it. Secretive and aloof, Michael evokes feelings in Mia that she doesn’t understand. Images of another time and place haunt her. She recognizes them—but not from any textbook.Can he face her without falling again?
 Goodreads ♥ Amazon  

Author Bio:
A Canadian-born author, Lisa Voisin spent her childhood daydreaming and making up stories, but it was her love of reading and writing in her teens that drew her to Young Adult fiction.

When she's not writing, you'll find her meditating or hiking in the mountains to counter the side effects of drinking too much coffee.

She lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her fiance and their two cats.

Twitter ♥ Facebook ♥ Website ♥ Blog

Instead of saying more, he brushed his fingertips along my cheek, and his halo glimmered. I could hear the waves slapping the rocks behind us, the wind driving them in. That same wind whipped against my skin, but the touch of his hand on my face was all I could think about. It sent a current through both of us and filled me with longing for something I wasn’t sure I understood.

“I’m sorry.” He stepped back and shoved his hands into his pockets as the light around him faded. “You don’t know what it’s like. Being near you now, remembering those moments we had…” His hair blew into his eyes, but this time he didn’t move. I wanted to brush it back, but I didn’t know how he’d react. Would touching him be bad?

“You want to know who you were?” he asked. “You may look different, but you’re the same. I look into your eyes and see you.” He took in a deep breath, fixing his attention on the horizon. I’d seen and heard so much now that the logical part of my brain had long since given up arguing with me. I could feel what he was saying was true. All of it.

  • ONE pre-order copy of THE WATCHER by Lisa Voisin open to US/Canada.
  • Must be 13 or older to enter.
  • ONE entry per household.
  • Winner will be announced in the Rafflecopter and contacted by email.
  • Winner will have 48 hours after notification to respond or another winner will be chosen.

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