Monday, January 7, 2013

J. Taylor Publishing Blogger Appreciation Month

For those of you who don't know I am a blogger with J. Taylor Publishing. I have been a part of a couple of blog tours including Crux by Julie Reece, After Dark by Emi Gayle, and the upcoming tour Reaper by LS Murphy.

J. Taylor Publishing was the first publishing house that gave me the oppotunrity to be a part of Blog Tours and took my little blogging venture seriously. It is also a pleasure working with them and now they are looking for YOU!

J. Taylor Publishing is looking for new bloggers to review ARC titles, participate in blog tours, Cover Reveals, giveaways, and generally spread the word about new books.

Benefits to you:
  • Free ebooks with immediate access to the novels and novellas (at the pre-release stage) — No asking to be considered on a book by book basis!
  • Reduced cost print books (when/where available)
  • Free (or reduced cost) marketing materials about our books (media kits, cover images, bookmarks) where available
  • Priority for future back-of-the-book quotes with your name on them (for printed novels)
  • Priority for blog tours and interviews with our authors
  • Promotion of your website on our blog (link back)
  • Potential inclusion of your review in our authorʼs media kits, marketing tools, etc
  • Priority reviews of any query submitted to us for publication consideration
  • Personal feedback on the above submissions
  • There are absolutely no costs to this program and never will be.
What do they need from you?
  • Your most honest opinion!
  • Your review within 8-12 weeks of receipt of the ARC
  • A link to your 4-5* star review, posted to Goodreads, prior to the release of the book
  • A link to your 4-5* star review posted to at least one major bookseller website (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks for example) upon release to those sites (copy and paste is A-ok!)
  • Permission to use and reuse your review with your name
Criteria for inclusion in the program:
  • a nearly exclusive focus on books & reviews
  • an active following (regular commenting on front-page posts)
  • a broad reach (500+ followers on at least one social network system — Networked Blogs, Google Connect, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • presence beyond simply the blog (Consistent and tied-in with Twitter, Facebook & Goodreads, etc.)
  • industry blogging activity (blog hops, tour stop info, etc.)
  • a blog history of at least 12 months (posts dating back one-year or more)
*If you are short the required number of followers or have not been blogging for 12 months still submit your information they let me slide on these areas and this promotion is really about meeting new bloggers. 

Interested in becoming a blogger of J. Taylor Publishing? Sign up HERE and make sure to list Emily @ Falling For YA as your reference. If you do we could both win some really cool prizes

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