Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday: Chasing The Skip

Chasing The Skip
Author: Janci Patterson
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co. (BYR)
Expected Publication: October 2, 2012

Ricki’s dad has never been there for her. He’s a bounty hunter who spends his time chasing parole evaders—also known as “skips”—all over the country. But now since Ricki’s mom ran off, Ricki finds herself an unwilling passenger in a front-row seat to her father’s dangerous lifestyle.

Ricki’s feelings get even more confused when her dad starts chasing seventeen-year-old Ian Burnham. She finds herself unavoidably attracted to the dark-eyed felon who seems eager to get acquainted. But Ricki thinks she’s ever in control—the perfect manipulator. Little does she know that Ian isn’t playing their game by her rules.

My Thoughts: 
I think the whole premise of this book sounds interesting. I mean a bounty hunter whose daughter falls in love the with person he is hunting, it isn't something I've ever read in the YA genre and I think it is different enough from the Stephanie Plum series that I won't compare the two books. Also I really like that cover with the handcuff and font, its simplistic but I think it says a lot. So what are you Waiting on this Wednesday?!


  1. When I first saw this, I wasn't really sure about it, but the more often I see this one, the more I actually want to read it. Might have to add it to my to-read list after all. :D

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  2. This is a new one for me. It looks interesting and could be good. I think this one will be a library book first. Good choice! New Follower! Check out my WoW

  3. U haven't heard of this one, but it does sound pretty good. Thank you for sharing it. :)
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  4. Great pick Emily. I hadn't heard of it but I'm going to be adding it. I want to see how this bad boy turns out :)

  5. This one actually sounds awesome. Sounds like it would work as a movie as well :)

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  6. I have seen this one around quite a bit lately. looks good added to my tbr. my wow

  7. I haven't read any books about bounty hunters, so it might be fun to try it out ^^

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  8. This one looks really interesting. I have not heard of this but I will be adding it to my TBR list.

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  9. This sounds great! Also, I just finished Inbetween and I really liked it.

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  10. I agree, the premise sounds really great! I always love those terribly tragic love twists >_< Great pick!

  11. I think I'm going to have to read this one when it finally comes out. It actually sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for bringing this novel to my attention. :)