Friday, August 3, 2012

Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock
Publisher: Katherine Teegan Books
Publication Date: May 8, 2012

I want to thank Parafantasy for allowing me to be a part of the ARC tour for Hemlock

Mackenzie “Mac”, Amy, Kyle and Jason were all best friends until Amy was killed by a white werewolf. Since then the remaining friends have been trying to piece together their lives but it is slow going and nothing is the same. When the white werewolf strikes again it brings a group of werewolf hunters to town called, the Trackers, and this causes even more problems. The story follows Mac as she tries to piece together her friends’ murder and determine who the white wolf really is.

The world building in Hemlock is absolutely fantastic! I loved the idea that the government discovers and goes public with Lupine Syndrome and rounds everyone infected into camps; leaving those who are infected to go into hiding. It seems like something the government would do, and that made the storyline all the more realistic for me.

The other thing I loved about Hemlock was that it totally reminded me of Veronica Mars! The best friend in both shows dies, the friends are never the same, the ghost of the dead girl pops up semi-randomly when the protagonist needs some help, and in both series the main character is trying to solve the murder of her friend. Also add to this a similar kind of romance situation and my brain kept inexplicably linking the two! This was not at all a bad thing though, I absolutely adored Veronica Mars and any book that can keep me as hooked as that show did is definitely worth a read.

I also liked all of the characters in this book Mac was a great narrator and there was never a dull moment as she kept searching for answers to the murder of her friend. I also liked both Jason and Kyle as possible love interests, and the love triangle wasn’t terrible. I will admit to not really liking it but I can’t decide if that’s because I didn’t have a clear preference for which “team” I would be on or just because I dislike love triangles in general. One of my favorite characters, but who I though was a bit overlooked though, was Mac’s sister. She took in her younger sister, dealt with all of the issues, and still was there when everything started to go downhill. I liked what a strong independent person she was and hope to see more her in the sequel!

Overall, I really enjoyed Hemlock it was an interesting take on werewolf lore and that ending *whew*! I am not usually genuinely surprised by a book but this one had me guessing right until the end. Needless to say I’m crazy excited for the sequel but with a possible change of publisher, no release date, and no title yet it looks like we will be waiting a long time! 


  1. I love a book that keeps me guessing! Plus I haven't read many books based on werewolves (only Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater) so this seems like something I'd enjoy :) Lovely review!

  2. I only finished this one yesterday. I loved it too. I couldn't really decide between Kyle and Jason either. It was Kyle but then Jason kind of redeemed himself. I hope we're not too long waiting on a sequel.

  3. I've been wanting to read this, but now that I see you've compared it to Veronica Mars I'm NEED it. V. Mars is one of my favorite tv series of all time. Hemlock just moved to the top spots of my TBR list.


    -Kait @ YA Vixens