Monday, March 12, 2012

The Weeping Blog Tour Interview and Review

So today is my actual Birthday and to help celebrate I have a blog tour for all of you!

Interview with O'Dell Hutchison:

Q:What gave you the idea for The Weeping?
I had a few strange encounters at the theatre where I work that were just too good to not write about. I love theatre and ghost stories, so it was inevitable that I would someday write something that combined the two. For a more detailed explanation, check out the guest post I did at or over at Jordan Dane’s Dark YA blog,

Q: How long did it take from your first draft of The Weeping to publication?
I started writing “The Weeping” in April, 2011, so almost a year.

Q: I received my undergrad from Portland State University and now I am out in South Dakota for Law School. Your descriptions of Oregon were spot on, they made me homesick for the rain. Are you a native of the Pacific Northwest?
I’m actually a farm/ranch boy from Idaho, but I had relatives that lived in Oregon and I went to college at OSU. I LOVE Oregon. It’s beautiful and I definitely miss the rain. I’d love to live there again.

Q: Have you ever know a person like Heath? Or is Heath a little like you?
I think Heath is a combination of a few people I’ve known in life. There’s definitely some of me there.

Q: The ending had me clicking my e-reader not believing that that was just the end, was that your intention?
It was (I know, I’m evil!) I actually had another chapter, but it just felt contrived, like I was trying to suck the last little bits of life from the story and I didn’t want that.

Q: Are there any plans for a sequel?
Not at this time. The extra chapter I mentioned earlier made it seem like a sequel was inevitable, but I had no intention of writing one. I kind of like it the way it is. My favorite ghost stories are those where you ask “And then what happened?” and the response is “Nobody knows…”

Okay Lightning Round! This or That

E-book or Real book?
Real books, hands down, even though I do love the convenience of my eReaders.

Business or casual?
Totally casual. I have to wear Business-casual to work and it is so not me. I’m much more comfortable in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or even better, a pair of pajama bottoms and a T.

Inside or Outside?
I love to be outside, but the heat and humidity of South Texas make that difficult. I hate hot weather. I was definitely more of an outside person when I lived in Oregon.

Rain or Shine?Sunny days are nice, but I love the calming effects of rain.

Do you write with Music or No Music?
I typically write without music as I am easily distracted, but I will turn on some music for inspiration if I get stuck along the way


4/5 Stars
The Weeping is centered around Heath a recent High School graduate who has just suffered a terrible tragedy. The car he was driving after Prom lost control and all of his best friends were killed but he was spared. Following the accident Heath became withdrawn and introverted his parents feeling like there was nothing else to do send him to the Oregon coast to live with his Uncle over the summer. The Uncle happens to own a theater Haunted by the ghost of a girl killed in devastating fire. Hutchison's novel follows Heath as he discovers what happened to the girl killed in the fire, how is father and the town is connected to all of this, and what part he plays in the big picture.
Usually I am not a big fan of male narration but Heath was really relateable and I could really feel the anger and emotional turmoil he felt over losing his friends and later the guilt that Heath feels when he is trying to move on. I came to really like Heath as a person and it was really fun to read what he thought as each twist and turn in the book occurred. (I really want to give spoilers but I don't want to ruin it for you!)

One of my other favorite things about this book is that it was set in Oregon. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and being stuck out in South Dakota I get really homesick. Hutchison does a wonderful job of bringing the scenery to you and showing not telling what the weather is doing. The descriptions of the rain and Pacific Ocean made me a little less homesick.

The best thing about The Weeping is that it is a true ghost story that leaves you guessing until the last page. It also had just the right amount of scary (I get frightened really easily and it wasn't too bad for me). The supporting characters were great all of them unique in their own ways and all of them helped to further the story.

Overall it was a very good book and an excellent ghost story. It definitely merits a read and is already on my list of best books of 2012 so far.


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  3. Oh, awesome interview and amazing review! <3 I think I need to check out this book soon! I don't usually read ghost story, but you convince me to check out this book, Emily! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had fantastic day in your birthday! <3 Sorry for the late wishing. :)