Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

2/5 Stars

I want to thank the publisher Bookmasters and Netgalley for allowing me to read a advanced readers copy of this book.

Revealing Eden: Save the Pearls was a different book then anything I had ever really read before. I am not a huge Shifters fan so this one had me grasping at straws for what I should expect out of a novel like this one. Luckily I am fully versed in dystopians and know exactly what I’m looking for in a good End of the World story. Unfortunately Revealing Eden came up short.

The world in Revealing Eden at first blush was really intriguing. I was drawn into this underground society where dark skinned coals are the ruling class and light skinned pearls are the lowliest of people. I was really disappointed when Foyt did not really expand on why the individuals were forced underground, who the bad guy “FFP” were. It was a one dimensional world that I never really understood, and by the time this started bothering me someone Eden had left the compound and was somehow surviving on the surface with no real explanation of this either.

I also had a really hard time liking the main character Eden. She was so immature and indecisive it made the story confusing. I never really found myself relating to her or the decisions she made. The relationship between Eden and Bramford was also not really to my taste. I never felt like either one of them really liked each other and this spoiled the story for me.

Overall Revealing Eden: Save the Pearls wasn’t a bad book but too many things left me saying huh? For me to give it any higher then two stars. In the future I probably won’t pick up the sequel but if you like lusty romance, and panthers you just might enjoy Revealing Eden.


  1. Thanks for reviewing, Emily! I haven't read the book but my impression from reading a couple other reviews was that Eden has kind of a political agenda for marrying the guy or something? Did that also bother you about their relationship too?

  2. Now I'm glad I didn't pick this one up because I almost did. But I decided on a male POV, trying to find one my son would like for his birthday. I haven't started "The Hunt" yet so you may get to it before I do while I'm doing taxes. Ugh.

  3. I quite like the cover of this but main characters who are annoying really drag a book down for me!

  4. @Annie There was definitely an agenda for being linked to someone. Even after Eden had left the underground compound she kept talking about being mated and finding a mate. What really bothered me about the relationship between Bramford and Eden though was that they never liked each other much. And the fact that **SPOILER** Bramford had had a mate prior to Eden that happened to look EXACTLY like Eden. So I never knew if he liked Eden or was still hung up on Rebecca **SPOILER OVER**

  5. I got this book for review and I have not had a chance to read it yet. I like that it has a cool world. i'll have to see if I can get past the annoying characters. thanks for your review. :)

  6. This was such a well-written review! Too bad the book wasn't a keeper for you, but I really enjoyed reading your review, anyhow! Haven't read these books before, but I guess it'd be a hard read if you don't like the main character so much :/

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  7. if the main character this annoying i don't think i would like to read this book but the cover is good :) and i liked your review ... by the way i am a new follower in your bolg :D