Monday, February 20, 2012

In My Mailbox 4

This week I received some pretty great books and I can't wait to begin reading! I also won a few contests this week so I can't wait to get things actually in my mailbox. Be sure to look out for those in future posts.

Thanks to Emily at Confessions of a Book Junkie . I won her YA blog hop and now have a shiny new copy of The Iron Queen which I can not wait to start reading!

From The Author:


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I see that you got Promise Me Eternity as well. I got that from the author as well to review. I hope to get to it very, very soon!

  2. Those are fantastic additions! I really loved The Iron Fey series, so I hope you enjoy getting started on that one. (and just TRY choosing between Ash & Puck! They don't make it easy...)

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  3. Brightest kind of Darkness sounds AMAZING!! I hope you enjoy all the books: I heard great things about The Iron Queen.

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  4. The Iron Fey series is really good!!! And the Iron Queen is my all time favourite! Hope you love it :) Great haul! Enjoy!!!


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  5. Hey~ Thanks for the comment!! *o* omigod!!! Those all look SO tempting! I'm being completely drawn to the Kindred Curse XD Hope you enjoy them!!