Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver

4/5 Stars

            The Demon Trappers Daughter is set in Atlanta, Georgia in the near future where Demons and Angels have always existed alongside Demon Trappers. Riley is an apprentice trapper with her father and “former” crush Beck.
            The Demon Trappers Daughter is full of action from the first page onward and I was hooked the entire time. There are demon attacks, take downs, and a little slice of love. My favorite part of this book was that it was honestly different. A strange combination of dystopian, paranormal, and urban fantasy that I really enjoyed.
            One of the best parts about this book was the narrator Riley. I can’t remember the last time I related to a character the way I related to Riley. I understood why she made the choices she made because they are the same I would have made in her situation. I loved the strong duty she felt toward her family and profession. And most of all I loved her snarky badass attitude. Riley is a more realistic Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy with a little mix of every girl who reads the book.  
            I also loved Beck! He was such a Southern gentleman and it was obvious how much he cares about Riley to everyone except Riley. Even though Beck at times upset me because of how stubborn and blind he can be, I found myself hoping he would be in the next scene and when he wasn’t there I noticed his absence.
            I could go on and on about how much I liked all of the characters in this book, even the bad guys! Or about how great the plot and action were, but that would make for the worlds longest review! So I would sum it up by saying I really enjoyed The Demon Trapper's Daughter and chances are you will too.
            Overall this was a great read and one I would definitely recommend if you enjoyed Strange Angels by Lili St.Crow (but were looking for more action and a better love story), or Angelfire by Coutrney Allison Moulton. I will be picking up the sequel so look out for my review!


  1. Ooooh, great review! This sounds so interesting! I am definitely going to check it out! :)

  2. Thank you! What a really nice review. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the story!

  3. OOOOO I JUST LOVE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN! I am from the south myself and there is nothing better than reading about one! This book sounds so interesting! WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS?! One of my favorite paranormal books right now is about fallen angels I am just in that kind of kick I guess. This is a def TBR for me. Thank you for sharing this amazing review!