Friday, July 15, 2011

Lauren DeStefano Book Plate Giveaway =)

I feel like I'm posting a ton of giveaways and not enough reviews lately, BUT this is also an amazing giveaway and you should all try and win!

I will be finishing my review of Wither very soon (I promise!), and this is a good way to get in the mood for it by winning something form the author.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

From Ashville to Nashville Book Tour Giveaway

After Myra McEntire, Victoria Schwab, and Beth Revis met at a writing retreat, they realized two important things: (1) they didn't live too far away from each other and (2) book tours never went through their rural, Southern hometowns.

So they put their heads together and decided if book tours didn't come to the rural South...they'd just have to make a book tour of their own. Starting near Asheville (Beth's homebase), the three would travel together to Nashville (Myra and Victoria's homebase) and stop at many bookstores on the way--also inviting along many other local authors to join in the fun!

BUT if like me you do not live in the South then this giveaway is for you! Best of Luck =D