Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remembrance by Michelle Madow

3/5 Stars


Remembrance by Michelle Madow was a quick sweet read. The story line revolves around Elizabeth and a mysterious boy Drew who shared a past life together, and there struggle to have a relationship. The story is based on Taylor Swift's song and music video "Love story".

I thought the concept of Remembrance was different, and I really enjoyed the premise of past lives and reincarnation. After reading so much supernatural lately it was a nice change of pace to not have the romantic interest be a vampire, werewolf, or fey for once.

I also really enjoyed all the Jane Austen references and parallels. Austen is one of my favorite authors so it was fun to see a modern day re-telling of her famous work, Pride and Prejudice. Although I was a little upset that Madow insisted on pointing out these parallels to readers, I mean, we know that there is a parallel no need to say so repeatedly. This type of thing detracted from the reading.

My other criticism is that Remembrance was a little slow for my tastes. At many points I could tell the author is young, the High School scenes were very realistic and it made me think back to a few years ago when I was still at that point in my life. It also reminded me how boring and monotonous high school can be. I found myself wishing Madow had skipped over entire days the characters were at school just because I'm not interested in Elizabeth, Drew, or Chelsea's daily life. If you are going to write a book about a reincarnation love that spans time make the book about that not about the daily life of high schoolers.

All in all Remembrance was a cute story, and a nice book chaser after I had finished Clockwork Prince. I'm not sure if I will pick up the sequel right away but if there is another .99 cent e-book deal it will be hard to turn down reading Vengeance.


  1. Nice to see a review that finds some downsides to the book where the reviewer isn't OMG I TOTALLY LUVVVED THIS BOOK. :) Might have to check this one out for when I need a nice easy read.

  2. Thanks! I try to be as honest as possible. I feel like some reviewers will say they lllluuuvveedd anything even if they are not genuine. But why even write a review when you are just going to say how much you loved the book?!

  3. Great review, I love how honst you were! And I hadn't known that this book was based on Taylor Swfit's song, that's a pretty interesting tidbit. :))

  4. Nice review! I'm glad you didn't just givei t a 5 out of 5 like most every other blogger seems to do!