Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

3/5 Stars

I really thought I would enjoy this book more then The Iron King. I tend to like sequels better just because I know the characters and feel like I have a vested interest in what happens to them. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed this book I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as The Iron King.

In this book I really expected Meghan to kick ass, take names, and become more independent. After all she defeated The Iron King, Machina, in the last book! Instead Meghan seemed to go backward instead of forward. She was whiney and continuously pining over Ash. Meghan at certain parts actually got on my nerves! And that says something because I liked her so much in the first book.

Now for some spoilers:

In The Iron Daughter Ash basically breaks things off with Meghan. Although it is clear he still has feelings for her Ash does what he believes is right for both of them and tells Meghan “No”. I feel like this girl has never heard those words in her life! She keeps putting Ash into situations that force them together instead of respecting his wishes. I guess this bothered me because it seemed unrealistic. In the real world if the guy tells you its over, then it is time for a good girl cry, maybe some friend bonding, and then some stolen looks across the room until the boy realizes he is being an idiot.

I found myself actually disliking Ash in The Iron Daughter because of how much Meghan talked about him, thought about him, and threw herself at him. All of this Ash attention had me liking Puck more and more. Puck was a good friend to Meghan throughout this whole adventure. He gave Meghan space when she wanted it, ignored her wishes when he thought it was her best interest, and was overall just a great guy! I found myself constantly wishing Meghan would get over Ash and give Puck a real chance.

My favorite thing about this book was Iron Horse. I loved the change in his character from enemy to friend. His devotion to Meghan and the sacrifice’s he was willing to make for her. Iron Horse actually made the book for me. With all the boy drama going on it was so nice to see a genuine character with no ulterior motives who was willing to give everything for the cause.

-Spoilers ended-

Overall I did enjoy The Iron Daughter and I will be picking up The Iron Queen. I was just disappointed with Meghan and hope that she does some growing up between books 2 and 3! 

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