Monday, November 28, 2011

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

3/5 Stars

This book was actually a little hard for me to get through. Not because I was not enjoying it, but because it was fairly slow going. Halo read much like a description based adult novel. I read YA because I like a strong driving plot that has a good deal of action. As much as I enjoy seeing character's relationships develop there needs to be a little something more too keep my attention.

That being said the relationship between Bethany and Xavier was very cute and sweet. There was not crazy lust that so often happens in YA or an instant attraction that neither character can explain. The love happens slowly and is built on trust and mutual caring and understanding. It was a relationship that for me was a little too perfect.

I felt like Xavier and Bethany never had any problems and thus there was no action. I wasn't even really enjoying the book until Jake came into the story and he isn't introduced until over half way through! If the entire book had been about Bad Boy Jake then I probably would have given Halo at least another star!

All things considered I did enjoy the last quarter of the book but it will take some really great reviews or a reasonable price for me to pick the the sequel Hades. This cover is looking like a very good start though! Could that be Jake!?

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  1. I guess its really time for me to read this book. I like your review, and somehow I feel like saying something too just after I know how the story went. :)