Saturday, November 5, 2011

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

3/5 Stars

So don't get me wrong I actually enjoyed this book and will probably be picking up the sequel. Why the 3 stars then? you ask. Well as much as I liked this book there were a few things I could just not get over and they prevented me from giving this book any more stars.

Personal Demons centers around Frannie, a "normal" but really not normal girl and an Angel Gabe and Demon Luc trying to tag her soul for Heaven or Hell. Interesting premise right? I thought so too! But Ms. Desrochers takes this grand idea and makes it all about sex and which boy Frannie will choose. I could even get over that little hiccup if only Frannie knew which boy she wanted! One of my biggest reading pet peeves is heroines who don't know what they want, and Frannie has no idea what or who she wants. At many points in the book she says "I just want a normal life" but she never takes any steps toward securing that or understanding that is just not a possibility anymore.

Frannie is gifted with the power of Sway and so both Luc and Gabe are drawn to her and will give up their entire pasts/souls/lives to be with her. It felt like the male leads were forced to love Frannie and I had a real problem with that. If I am reading about someone loving someone it better be real! This love felt forced, lusty, and not like love at all. Frannie briefly questions Luc's love for her but that is qucikly poo pooed and they move on. I wanted this to me more of an issue and have hopes that it will be in the sequel.

Another qualm I had with this book is that there isn't really any driving action. The action is the relationship between Frannie and the two guys but that isn't enough for me. I need substance, character development, action. That was just lacking for me. To be fair there was some character development from Luc but that just wasn't enough to keep the story going or interesting.

Overall, Personal Demons wasn't bad. Like I said in the beginning I will probably pick up the sequel to see what happens but overall it only really merits 3 stars. Pick up this book if you like love triangles, sexy scenes, and are a fan of the angels/demons dichotomy.

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  1. I felt the exact same way.... something about this novel felt too boring. Like yes, I understand there are two insanely hot guys fighting for you, but there wasn't a real plot! you know what I mean? It was just "hm, I wonder what side frannie will choose?!" and thats it!

    Either way, thanks for sharing your thoughts!