Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

3/5 Stars

I loved the other two Robert Langdon books and so I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, this book just could not live up to expectations.

First of all I had a hard time getting into the story line. I grew up in a family full of Masons, Shriners, and I was even in Rainbow and Jobies two Masonic youth groups. So the plot line about ancient mysteries and a secret degree within the Masons was just too much of a stretch for me. I mean really? My Grandpa was Potentate of Washington State and my Dad is a Past Worshipful Master, and I'm a Past Honored Queen and Worthy Advisor. While these are all cool titles that sound mystical they are anything but. I just could not believe any of what was going on. And if you're wondering, yes it was hard for me to get through the book!

I loved the other two books with all their religious undertones and wonderful art references but I felt like this one just did not try as hard. There were a few mentions of architecture but nothing that made me get online and look up a pictures like The Da Vinci Code had. It felt like I had seen all the places and references before and there was nothing to spark my interest. Maybe if it had been set in Europe I would have enjoyed the book more.

Anyway, if you liked the other two books then you may like this one. It was not all horrible, there was a ton of action and really never a dull moment. It was just not my kind of book.


I just need to get this out. The ending was total crap! Really, the lost symbol was the word/bible and it all connected to Katherine's research, I did not see that coming a mile away. Dan Brown, next time give me a storyline that makes me think and a ending that is not a total joke.


  1. Dan Brown is an amazing author. The book is very well written and exciting. I found it hard to put the book down. It was an easy read and kept my attention throughout the entire book.

  2. @Netherland I loved the first two Robert Langdon books but this one just left me shrugging my shoulders and saying meh. Usually I love Dan Brown!