Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

3/5 Stars 

**Warning Contains Spoilers**

I really wanted to love this book, but everything just came up short. The financial components in the story were just plain boring to me and I found myself to be skipping through those portions. I understand the Wennerstrom affair was a large part of the story but I found it to only be a means to an end (getting him to Headstead) and how the affair wrapped up was too simple and perfect. If Wennerstrom was really a "financial gangster" all of his information would not have been kept on one computer and he would not have just been sending e-mails willy nilly. It really made the story unbelievable.

I usually do not read murder mysteries so that may be the reason I did not particularly enjoy all of the action taking place on Headstead. As soon as I understood who all the characters were in the Vanger family I pretty much knew who the killer was. The Vanger family to me had too many members that we had to remember. You could have cut half the people from that family and mentioned them maybe only once and the book would have been better for it!

Above all what forced me to give this book 3 stars was the fact that Harriett Vanger was still alive. That was another Wennerstrom style cop-out that wrapped up too easily. I'm sorry but if someone is alive someone will find them, especially if Anita knew the whole time. Not only that after Harriett had been hiding out for so many years she just decides that now that Martin is dead she will come back and run the Vanger Corporation. I was dumbfounded reading the ending of this book and was left feeling unsatisfied.

Needless to say I will probably not be picking up The sequel as it is probably more of the same boring financial intrigue and murders that are solved way too easily.


  1. I haven't read this book but I kind of want to pick it up and I kind of don't want to. I'm an indecisive about it because I'm not into the financial aspect of the book but I like the investigation aspect. You didn't like either though so what are positive aspects of this book?

  2. The positive of this book were hard for me to find. I did like the mystery around Harriet Vanger, I just didn't like that everything was solved too easily. I pretty much enjoyed the last 50 pages of the book and that was about it.

  3. I had the same issue as you. I struggled to get through the beginning of the book and the only reason why I did was because they told me that it would get better. I had some issues with the book and found some problems like you in believing that Wennerstrom would leave all his information so easily to be found.
    However, the second and third are a lot better than the first. But I will admit that Larson did needed to cut and edit some details that just didn't need to be in all the books. So, I say, just watch the movies. Maybe the originals or the new ones.

  4. I just finished this and I agree that the book was a little dry. I kind of got into after the second chapter but then it picked up a little more with the investigation in Headstead. I'm honestly not a huge critic of books and I don't really look at it from a logical point I guess, but I didn't really notice how easily it was solved. I didn't really like how they just rushed through Blomkvist writing the book though. And it ended horribly in my opinion /: The mystery around Harriet was definitely the most interesting. I really wasn't even expecting it to be a mystery or as violent as it was. I only wanted to read the book so I could finally watch the movie!

  5. You know I had heard a lot about this book. My friend recommended it to me, but I have yet to pick it up. I watched the movie and I hated it. I felt that the movie was completely boring and not as good as it should have been. This has kept me at a distance with the book. After reading your review, I am sure this is definitely not the book for me. Thank you for sharing!