Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon

4/5 Stars

Dead Beautiful is your basic parents die, and young girl is shipped off to Boarding School where she is uprooted from all she knows and discovers something paranormal. And to top it all off she has always been connected to this paranormalcy.

That is where the similarities end though. Dead Beautiful is a gripping, page turner that kept me guessing. Unlike most YA Paranormal Romance's this one really peaked my interest and left me wondering what our young heroines love interest really is. I won't divulge that secret though as I didn't figure it out very quickly and that made the book more enjoyable for me.

For a breakout novel Yvonne Woon seems like a pro! The language is very well chosen and the images she portrays are so realistic and tangible. It is not often that a YA novelist spends much time setting up the scene, and describing in detail all the goings on. Woon does this in such a masterful way that I really enjoyed not only the dialog but the in betweens.

I highly recommend Dead Beautiful, this book is especially great for those people who like YA but do not like writing that talks down to them (like me). Woon is a skillful story teller and I am looking forward to the sequel Life Eternal

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  1. I loved this story. The characters were amazingly well written, the story flowed smoothly and the pace was perfect. Yvonne Woon's writing is impeccable. I feel like this series is very under-appreciated. I can't wait for the final book in this series. And to see what else this author has in store for us, in the future!